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  1. ussnorway

    VIDEO How Your Memory Works

    nice whoosh
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    Mouse won't always scroll

    Photoshop and Bridge both have hardware and driver detect software... translation = they prob don't like your setup
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    VIDEO Crypto-miners took our GPUs!!

    gas powered trains sounds like a fucking great idea
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    AMD Actually Made a Mountain Bike (It's Terrifying): Review, Safety Concerns, Test Ride

    translation = the reason America is going down the shithole
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    $RECYCLE.BIN on my external drives

    you can goto themes in your setting and select desktop icons from the right hand side... here you can ask for recycle bin to be added or removed from your desktop if you right click the recycle bin and goto properties, each drive can be turned on or off as needed so you could have it on your C...
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    VIDEO Desperate Times... How Low Would You Go To Ride Your Bike? | The GCN Show Ep. 410

    i don't see the point of this whoosh but whatever floats your boat mate
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    Test Sent from my SP9 using Windows Forums mobile app
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

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    VIDEO HW News - NVIDIA MSRP Allegedly Not Realistic, Ryzen 5000 Supply, PCIe 6.0 Spec

    the bit at the end is news for people trying to find their control panel when the next build goes live but at this point, people that allow Microsoft to control things get what they paid for
  10. ussnorway

    Server 2016 Unresponsive - Windows Installer

    Is Adobe creative cloud installed on the workstations... That would be making copies of the individual library files and sending to the C drive Sent from my SP9 using Windows Forums mobile app
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    Satellite my ass Sent from my SP9 using Windows Forums mobile app
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    Unexplainable obstacles Im facing with my Windows...

    It's also worth asking if you have a physical hardware setup or is this running inside some kind of vertical environment? Sent from my SP9 using Windows Forums mobile app
  13. ussnorway

    Deny permissions for specific users

    You can copy the information to a Nas and then lock that to certain users... In general the system you have is a disaster waiting to happen Sent from my SP9 using Windows Forums mobile app
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    Windows 10 Windows search directories permissions removed again and again

    under the current microsoft default a admin user is a regular user and the true admin account is system i.e, that is why Microsoft are allowed to make changes to your computer without telling you ;)
  15. ussnorway

    Did Windows update--Now lost Microsoft Professional Pro

    the best way to fix the pin issue is to roll back to a build of Windows 10 that allows netplwiz... this is why my work laptop disabled updates as for the office, its because your account still has the old computer listed and your options are; buy another copy, remove the old computer from your...
  16. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Login required to use computer

    netplwiz works on older builds of Windows 10... when you allow updates you also allow Microsoft to take over control of your entire system and disable the option to bypass logins
  17. bg3


    bypass the launcher i.e, still has a task bar
  18. ussnorway

    How to print to dynamic IP printer

    start by opening CMD from the main computer and ping the 192 address... assuming the router is not also a firewall that should get a reply if you don't get a reply then the network will need work done before you can talk to the printer... make sure the printer is actually turned on