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  1. Josephur

    Encrypted files on Server

    Let me guess you don't do nightly backups? Might be an expensive lessson.
  2. Josephur

    Windows 10 No idea what to do

    My Antivirus/Antimalware protection won't even let me visit that site Jafra8 posted, and any advice to use such a program or tool to automatically fix your system is usually bunkware, or a scam entirely.
  3. Josephur

    fan failure

    Did you get your fan replaced successfully?
  4. Josephur

    Windows 10 Get only current IP

    You sure about that? I thought it was optional even in Windows 8?
  5. Josephur

    Windows 10 Get only current IP

    If you are looking for public IP, in PowerShell: Invoke-RestMethod
  6. Josephur

    Graphic Drivers

    I wonder if there's a way to reverse order these type of update threads? Some new people might not understand why there's 64 pages? Just food for thought, could also break the continuity that advanced users have of the site. Anyhow keep up the good work kemical!
  7. Josephur

    Will XP run on a SSD?

    XP at the very least does not support TRIM, which means the drive will not be able to do garbage collection and may hinder the self-healing properties of your SSD when cells start to die. That being said, you could always buy a cheapo 120GB one and just pray it installs, and lasts as they are...
  8. Josephur

    fan failure

    Most thermal compound has a shelf life of around two years. The reason I suggest the specific one I mentioned is that it's very great at thermal conductivity. I'd suggest getting new, after all you are going to have to wait for the fan part anyway.
  9. Josephur

    fan failure

    Yes balanced is the "norm". I still say either the fan is starting to die or a sensor on the fan. If you wish to fix it yourself, it is not incredibly hard actually.. I'm all for encouraging people to get to know their devices. If you are even slightly mechanically inclined.. replacing the...
  10. Josephur

    fan failure

    Unless the fan is caked with dust, I doubt blowing it out is going to long-term fix it. Fans usually stop working slowly, and one day just stop spinning. Could also be the fan is just fine but it's not sensing it's RPM correctly and therefore not cooling correctly. If you just type Power...
  11. Josephur

    fan failure

    Oh I almost forgot, it's also good to check what power profile you are using when plugged in to power, and unplugged. My guess is that shipped with a Dell preferred power saving plan applied, which is probably best. If the power plan gets corrupted, or is set incorrectly I have seen it cause...
  12. Josephur

    fan failure

    IDPTF is an Intel driver that can limit your CPU to control thermal throttling, but also can be used along side power plans to make sure your laptop saves battery when in low power mode etc.. It's not a bad idea to update the IDPTF driver if it's out of date. If you take it to a local shop (I...
  13. Josephur

    x86 installers for URL Rewrite 1.1 (or 1.0) and Application Request Routing 1.0

    I can find the 64-bit but not the 32-bit, it's inside the Microsoft CRM 2013 Server setup files. Why the heck are you using such outdated software, and 32-bit... it's time to upgrade.
  14. Josephur

    fan failure

    If it's not even 2 years old it's possibly still under warranty?
  15. Josephur

    Sound becomes static when using Microphone and speakers

    You can try using the Windows generic sound driver instead.. Open the Device Manager (type devmgmt.msc in Windows search box). Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio". Select to "Update Driver Software". Click on "Browse my computer for...
  16. Josephur

    fan failure

    Sounds like you have a fan that is going on the outs, or it's sensor is going bad. Best to just replace it now and save yourself the headache later.
  17. Josephur

    Explorer New Window Position

    I looked for a way to possibly make shortcuts that snap to the side of the monitor, but I didn't seem to find anything. But you can use the screen snap shortcut, just select one of your explorer windows and do Windows Key + Left (or right) Arrow.
  18. Josephur

    New Graphics card

    What graphics card do you currently have, what games are you wanting to play?
  19. Josephur

    Searching for files using tags

    I contacted the creator of Everything ( and apparently there is something in the works to index metadata including tags in a future version.
  20. Josephur

    Wifi is fine but Windows (2004) does not realize it yet...

    I believe this is a bit of a known issue in 2004, however I'm not sure if it's been patched or not. You could turn off the probing method it uses to verify that webpages load if it really annoys you. But I wouldn't bother truth be told... Some have had luck changing the following setting...