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    Info on today's Petya-based worldwide attack

    A modification of the Petya ransomware is making the rounds today, and our threat labs shares information on the background of this variant, how it's infecting machines (the same exploit as WannaCry) and how to stay safe. We've blocked ~12,000 malware attacks today utilizing this exploit and...
  2. Avast Software

    Some interesting stats in the wake of WannaCry

    Really wanted to share these with the WF community :) I'm proud of our team and our threat intelligence labs; in the end, we blocked over 1,000,000 WannaCry attempts. That was across 350 variants in 150 countries around the world. it's just a fraction of what we block every day though; on an...
  3. Avast Software

    An update from the Avast Threat Labs on WannaCry

    Jakub Kroustek from the Avast Threat Labs has written a nicely detailed blog on the aftermath of WannaCry -- what some are calling the worst ransomware outbreak in history. We're proud to have kept over 250,000 Avast users protected during the outbreak; our threat labs also urge user education...
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    Is a anti-virus program needed?

    pnamajck -- While we do have ads/notifications that may show up in the free versions (this helps us to support Free for everyone!) I'm concerned about this. Please feel free to message me with some examples (how often? what are you seeing? etc.) as we are always looking for the latest feedback...
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    BSOD from playing specific games, have DMP files, no idea what I'm doing

    Hey there -- just wanted to check up on this and see if you've made any progress. It doesn't sound like Avast is involved in these errors you're seeing but if you ever do need any help, please reach out to us. I've seen any kind of issue with games crashing you can think of (BSoD, PC won't even...
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    Gamers - have you tried our Game Mode

    Thank you for the ideas! I've already passed it on to our developers :)
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    Gamers - have you tried our Game Mode

    This is an interesting thought. The option states that "high performance" is triggered when Game Mode is activated. If the AMD Ryzen power profile is separate from that, I would have to check with my developers in terms of exactly which profile would be used in that case. My feeling is that it...
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    Gamers - have you tried our Game Mode

    It actually goes a bit beyond that! When you run a game, Avast will detect this and ask if you want to run Game Mode every time it's launched. If the client can't detect the game, you can add anything you want manually. This includes non-games, if you wanted to do the same for productivity...
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    Gamers - have you tried our Game Mode

    Hey gamers -- Avast 2017 came with an all-new Game Mode. I've used it on a lower-powered PC I use for light work/light gaming and it definitely helps (not much CPU/GPU to go around on that machine) plus it's easy to use. My opinions, of course! I'm curious on the other end, though -- have any...