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    If I'm using Win7 in XP Emulation mode, can the software still see the extra memory?

    Dear Anyone. I prob. don't know what I'm talking about here, so feel free to tell me! I've got music composition software that was really designed for Windows XP 32-bit, but I'm used to it and want to try to keep on using it. Thing IS - it kept crashing when using posher instruments and I'm...
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    Can I install Windows 7 AS WELL as XP on a partitioned 2T hard drive?

    Dear Everyone. You really helped me before, so I'm hoping you can help me again. This question's just as dumbass as the last one... I've got a 2T hard drive. It's been partitioned into two 1T hard drives, so C: and D:. XP's on C:. IF I put Win 7 on D: can I dual boot between the 2 on...
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    2 versions of XP on hard drive how to tell which one's being used?

    Dear Anyone. OK, so this is one of those questions where I'm going to feel a total plonker for not spotting the answer myself, so there's no need to point that fact out to me! Hard drive with 2 versions of XP on it. One version won't install my software - a VST synth - it comes up with...
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    How can I tell if my software will run on 10?

    Dear Anyone. OK, me dinosaur, I use XP SP3. Why? It WORKS, I love it, it's not bloated, it just happily RUNS. But the world seems to be kicking me towards Win 10 - but I need to know if my music software will work on it. It's Quick Score Elite Level 3, which will mean nothing to anybody...
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    How do I install mouse/USB drivers without a mouse to click on things?

    This isn't a reply, it's me again because something odd happened. It told me my question was too much like spam to be submitted and I can't see why. It also says about these poll questions and I had no idea what to put in those boxes, I just put 'yes' and 'no' in so the question got posted...
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    How do I install mouse/USB drivers without a mouse to click on things?

    Dear Anyone. Hokay, here's the prob. as simple as I can make it. I've got a fairly modern computer but I have to use XP because my software hates anything else. (It's music software, old but I love it.) Suddenly, the mouse stopped working. So I dug out my Windows 7 hard drive, went online...