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    MS Outlook Cloud Backup

    A friend of mine sent me the following : I would imagine that MS has at least a months worth of backups , if not more . Can someone enlighten me on this ? Thanks .
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    WordPerfect with 4K

    Can anyone tell me , if WordPerfect Version X9 will work on a 4K display , under Win 10 ? Thanks .
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    Bootable USB Win 7 ( not install )

    I see a lot of info on creating a bootable USB installation disk . What I am interested in , is a bootable USB of actual Win 7 . In case of hard disk boot troubles , I could use this to get in at least . Seem to recall , years ago seeing such a thing . Anyone ? Thanks .
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    Disk Free Space

    I have an external Seagate 8TB USB disk . As usual , when I have less than 10% free disk space , Win 7 gives me a warning . If this is only a data disk , is it still important to have at least 10% free space ?
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    Slow Directory display on USB disk

    I have a Seagate Backup Plus 8TB Desktop USB External Hard Drive on my Win 7 ASUS G73S laptop . It works well , just for one problem . If I don't access a directory on it for a few minutes , then when I do , the file display can take quite a while to come up , while I get a slow advancing green...
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    Cancelling Win 10 Download

    I have Win 7 . I signed up for the Win 10 upgrade , as I understood it would download , and then ask for confirmation before installing . It appears that it will install straight after downloading - right ? My Win Update will always try to start downloading it ( and I then cancel it manually ) ...