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    WMP playlist names only last 3 hours

    Hi, I've recently encountered a problem in windows media player on a windows 10 machine that I can't figure out the reason or solution for. Simply put, any playlist that is renamed will revert to it's original name after about 3 hours. This happens regardless of whether it is renamed in media...
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    Media player moving music library?

    Hi all, I did a few searches on this but couldn't find anything that matched these symptoms. Someone I know has a problem in windows media player on windows 10, where the tracks in the library view have apparently been re-organised in a seemingly random way. For example, going into a particular...
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    not booting, GA-H61M-DS2 motherboard faulty?

    Hi, I have a computer that won't boot into Windows 7 and could do with some advice. Sometimes it gets to the logo screen and restarts, sometimes there's just an error message saying no bootable drive is found. I've tried booting from a dvd, which seems to work so far, so at first I thought it...
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    SOLVED HP S5780uk can't detect wireless networks

    Hi, I've encountered a problem with a HP S5780uk desktop. The wireless adapter is showing no networks available, device manager reports it as working fine, I've disabled and enabled it several times, reinstalled the drivers, and temporarily turned off the firewall then disabled and enabled it...
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    Long boot time on HP Laptop

    Hi, I've been trying to fix a windows 7 laptop for a couple of days now but nothing I do seems to make a difference. It's taking an average of 80 seconds to boot up (acording to event viewer). So far I've removed 2 toolbars, unticked most of the startup items in msconfig, disabled search...
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    Windows Security, can't change settings.

    Hi, just joined the forum to ask for help with a laptop I'm working on. I've researched the problem in a load of forums but nothing seems to work on it, so I'm hoping someone here knows of a solution I've missed. The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5732Z, the specs are: cpu - T4400 ram - 3.00 GB OS -...