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    Space available on a triple SSD (40GB each) in RAID 0 keeps changing

    A couple of weeks ago I got a message that I had virtually no space on my C drive (3 x 40GB SSD in RAID 0). This was a big surprise. I am running Windows 7 PRO. I removed some restore points to get back to 7 GB of free space. I then did a disk cleanup to get to 11 GB. Since then, the free...
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    Disk Space after uninstalling programs

    Prior to uninstalling several programs, the unused space on my C DRIVE (3 25 GB SSDs in RAID O), was 12.8 GB. After uninstalling around 1.5 GB, the unused space was REDUCED to 11.9 GB. How does this make sense?
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    Language Bar Issue

    I have added the US-International keyboard. The language bar gives me 2 options (US-I or US). If I select US-International, it converts to US whenever I open a new window (e.g. Thunderbird). I then have to re-select US-I. Is there a way to make the selection STICK? Never had this...
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    screen saver and window title questions

    1. screen saver: why does the Windows "background" image remain on screen when the screen saver is running? This has never been the case with previous Windows! 2. Why is there no "title" (in title bar) on windows such as Windows Explorer? Thanks for any insight.
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    Windows Explorer toolbar?

    I cannot find the Windows Explorer conventional toolbar. I cannot find, for example, any way to get the DELETE button onto the existing "toolbar". Under ORGANIZE, there is DELETE showing a red X symbol for DELETE. How do I get that & other actions on a toolbar? Thanks.
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    working with .vhd files

    I converted an Acronis True Image .tib image file from an old computer into a .vhd file. I then attached the .vhd file in Windows 7 on a new computer. I can use the files from the attached .vhd file which are now on a virtual drive. Is there any way to get selected files from the virtual...
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    Recovering .vhd files

    I converted an Acronis True Image .tib file to a .vhd file. It is now on my Windows 7 hard drive. When I go to Windows 7 Backup & Restore, the .vhd file cannot be found. Supposedly, I can mount this .vhd file. How do I do it. Thanks.