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  1. Microsoft Man

    Windows 7 Allows Logon UI Change

    Microsoft’s newest operating system came with a lot of enhancements “under the hood”. One of those enhancements is the ability to change the logon screen without the use of third-party software. For most users, this may or may not be a welcomed change as this feature was specifically made...
  2. Microsoft Man

    Auto-Tune Your Voice

    Have you ever wanted to auto-tune your voice? If your a person who has listened to popular singers such as T-Pain, you’ve probably heard this effect in action. Surprisingly, this technology was originally created to make minor corrections to a singer’s pitch, which allowed them to sing perfectly...
  3. Microsoft Man

    Microsoft® Office 2010 Beta

    With the release of the Microsoft® Office 2010 beta many people have been looking forward to the new changes and enhancements. Although it is too early to tell what Microsoft has planned for the final release of Office, a preview of the beta gives us a hint. The most noticeable changes made...
  4. Microsoft Man

    ♪Can't Do That♪ - Vista Error Remix

    This is a video that I have recently made using Sony Acid Express and WavePad sound editor.
  5. Microsoft Man

    Sound Editing & Compilation

    In my last post I showed off the WavePad Sound Editor application. It allowed for the editing of anything from music to your very own voice. Let’s say that you want to create a song, but you can’t get the timing quite right. Maybe you want to add additional sounds and/or voices. What do you do...
  6. Microsoft Man

    Sound Editing

    In my last post I showed off the Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Enhancement Pack 2010. It gave users more flexibility went it came to creating custom-made videos. Although video is an important aspect in creating short films and movies, the other is the sound that goes into it. Without music or the...
  7. Microsoft Man

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Enhancement Pack 2010

    Windows® Movie Maker 2.6 Enhancement Pack 2010 Have you ever wanted to make an awesome video? You know, something eye-catching that can be used for a school project or that big presentation you were supposed to do. Well wait no longer. Introducing the Windows® Movie Maker Enhancement...
  8. Microsoft Man

    Movie Maker 2.6 Enhancement Pack 2010

    This forum has nothing to do with any problems. I just wanted to share a cool piece of software that I found. It is called the Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Enhancement Pack 2010. It gives extra functionality the Windows Movie Maker 2.6 with tons of extra video effects and transtions along with new...