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  1. pagroundhog

    I Have Two Concerns/Questions About This Forum

    Hello all, Concern #1 - Why is my Network Activity Indicator showing "consistent activity" ONLY when I'm logged into this forum, sitting idle, and/or viewing posts. Does this forum run some kind of background script that consistently attempts to collect data? I see an auto-save notice appear...
  2. pagroundhog

    How About a Fast USB 3.0 Flash Drive (for cheap!)

    Hello all, I purchased this flash drive from Amazon am I'm happy with its performance (for the price): SanDisk Extreme 16 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive SDCZ80-016G-X46: Computers & Accessories The manufacturer claims read speeds up to 190MB/s and write speeds up to 55MB/s. These...
  3. pagroundhog

    How to Clear All Windows 8 Event Logs

    This script was made for Windows 7 but works perfectly on Windows 8: Event Viewer One Click Clear - Windows 7 Help Forums Note: Some say you should never clear the Event Logs but when "I can't see the forrest for the trees", I run this script (as admin). All kudos to the author!
  4. pagroundhog

    Find Microsoft Licensing Terms for "ALL" Software

    Find licensing information for ALL Microsoft products here: (example) These are the selectors I used to get to Windows 8 PRO (english, retail): Enjoy the reading!
  5. pagroundhog

    How About a CPU + Mobo Combo for Under $100 USD?

    Hello all, This information is intended for anyone on a budget. First off, let's take a look at the motherboard: - ASRock B75M-DGS R2.0 LGA 1155 Intel B75 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard This $49.95 motherboard has one SATA III port, multiple SATA II ports, and...
  6. pagroundhog

    Best (free) SSD Benchmarking Tool

    Hello all, Ever wonder why your new SSD doesn't meet your benckmarking expectations when using tools like AS SSD and/or Crystal Disk Mark? Well, there are two reasons why this might happen. First and foremost, those programs' benchmarking algorithms are not clearly defined (eg, understood) and...
  7. pagroundhog

    Windows 7 MSE vs 3rd Party Antivirus Solutions

    Hello all, The following is just my opinion and preference based on my personal experience and available independent test lab data. I prefer a 3rd party solution to the inherent Microsoft Security Essentials solution (embedded in Windows 8) for the following reasons: MSE is a "reactionary"...
  8. pagroundhog

    Hiberfil.sys Size Increase After April Windows Updates

    Hello all, After installing the April batch of Windows 8 Updates, I noticed there was a dramatic increase in my 60 GB SSD hard disk usage (almost a 5 GB increase right after the Updates). To cut to the quick, I determined that the updates had arbitrarily increased the size of my hiberfil.sys...