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  1. Fangz

    Getting Rid of Win10 flying Window on Task Bar

    I tried Windows 10. I found it very trying. I reloaded Win 7 but that backup had the flying window on the task bar asking me to reserve my free win10. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it? I am NOT going there again.
  2. Fangz

    Windows cannot access....

    One laptop on my network can see the Win10 machine but gets the do not have permission to access error message when trying to connect to any of the shared folders. This computer can see all others on the network and access them, except for the Win10 machine, which other computers can see and...
  3. Fangz

    File sharing 10 to 7

    The first three days of Win10 were good, then an update and a reboot and windows 7 can no longer access shared files on the Win10 machine. Files that were shared somehow magically come up as shared even though they have not been shared this time or may NOT even be mounted. Not that it matters...
  4. Fangz

    Forced to Schedule and Update

    Win 10 downloaded on one of my machines and has gotten to a point where it requires that I schedule an update. Is there anyway to override or cancel this forced update. I may not have time to prepare for this magic event! Scott