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    The following bulletins have undergone a major revision increment. Please see the appropriate bulletin for more details. * MS14-045 - Important Bulletin Information: ===================== MS14-045 - Important - - Reason for Revision...
  2. enigma1944

    Turbo Boost

    I'm looking for a new laptop and this Turbo Boost keeps appearing. I don't know anything about this so is it worth it to have it on a laptop Thanks
  3. enigma1944

    Defragger & Optimizer

    I tried this and I can't tell if it works or not. When I defrag & optimize it never stops going thru passes. I stopped it at pass 15 but there was no evidence that anything was corrected. Anybody know anything about this Thanks
  4. enigma1944

    Proxy Server

    I don't know what happened but today when I tried to enter IE I received this message: The proxy server isn't responding Check your proxy settings. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections. If you are on a LAN, click "LAN settings". Make sure your firewall settings aren't blocking your...
  5. enigma1944

    W8 Download & Install

    For some reason my cementmixer (brain) told me I could set up W8 in the following manner BUT it was a failure. I used this procedure over 30 years ago on large IBM mainframes. The following was my logic: On the C drive I only have 1 partition which is used for W7 files etc. I used diskmgmt...
  6. enigma1944

    File Transfer

    I use a HP dv7-1247 x64 and just bought a Acer Netbook 722-BZ197 x64 and both use W7 SP1 Home Premium. I would like to transfer all my files from the HP to the Acer ao I am requesting advise about the best possible method to acccomplish this type of operation. I travel quite a bit and I...
  7. enigma1944

    Adobe Flash Square

    This new Flash version is available from Adobe Labs for x64 & IE9 Beta. I currently have version and downloaded the IE9 Beta and it works fine. I have a x64 dual core and before the IE9 had IE6 x32 and x64 installed. Has anyone installed this new version and if so is it...
  8. enigma1944

    WD My Book Essential

    I just downloaded Excel to my laptop with no problem. I keep my external backup shutoff until I make/receive any changes then proceed to start it and update any changes. Today for some reason I have in my files a data set " " . When I backup the external drive it will update...
  9. enigma1944

    Permanent Connection Of External Storage

    I have a external storage device that I have connected via USB and is used for backup only.. I think I am going to disconnect it and only connect it when I have OS updates. Is this OK to do it this way. Thanks
  10. enigma1944

    western digital my book essential 500gb

    I just puchased this external storage unit for creating a backup of my laptop. I use W7 HP and a amd 64X system. I use about 200GB so my brain tells me this device will be adequate for my needs. Am I on the proper sheet of music here. Thanks
  11. enigma1944

    Macrium Reflect

    I looked at this & I like this method for making a complete backup of my entire system. I use about 120GB of 400GB total on my x64 HP laptop and it has Windows 7 Home Premium installed. I am leaning towards a external device other than CD's so what would you recommend for this. If you don't mind...
  12. enigma1944

    External Backup Storage

    Currently I use about 110GB of my total system and I would like to puchase something for backup at a reasonable price ( $50-75 ). I would appreciate your recommendations. Thanks
  13. enigma1944

    Signature in Windows Live

    I have the Windows Live Hotmail Plus I use both the Hotmail & MSN Mail and I would like to place a signature in the MSN mail because I can use my fotos & some gif images. Could someone direct me to a place where I can learn how to make a signature with my elements. I have previously used...
  14. enigma1944

    Netbook & W7 Starter

    What is this " Starter " Is it any good?????????????
  15. enigma1944

    Netgear WN111v2 Uses

    I had a desktop with a N router and used this adapter with my laptop. I eliminated the desktop & router and now only use the laptop. Can this adapter be used for any other application. Thanks
  16. enigma1944

    Creating a Backup with W7

    I have never made a backup to cd on my laptop. I tried this today using the W7 restore/backup installed program. The following are the results but I am not sure I did it correctly. I followed the instructions and it ran for 20 min. and produced 1 CD for backup. My C drive has 83GB installed...
  17. enigma1944

    W7 Home Premium upgrade to Ultimate

    If I wanted to upgrade to Ultimate from Home Premium what do I need to do. Thanks
  18. enigma1944

    Windows 7 W7 setup

    Right now it is necessary to enter a password to get into the system and if I forget it there is no way to start the system. Is there a way to set this up in a different manner. Thanks
  19. enigma1944

    Experience Upgrading To W7

    I just upgraded from Vista HP x64 to Windows 7 HP x64 and am posting this for information for anyone who cares to read it. My first try was following the MSN instructions to select " Upgrade " or "Custom" installation. I selected upgrade which ran fine till installation of the last step. Total...
  20. enigma1944

    Windows 7 Expanding Task Bar

    Is it possible to expand the text bar?????? Thanks