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    Comp slow

    Yes that is probably part of the problem. You probably need 4GB min 8 would be better. Joe
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    This may sound dumb I had a similar problem. I figured out Firefox was corrupting the video driver.I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled the video driver and that solved the problem. Joe
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    Schannel Errors

    Something else I just thought of. 2 days before I updated Windows I switched internet provider from Roadrunner to Spectrum. I don't know if that plays a part or not. I didn't check the error log until after the Windows updates. Joe
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    Schannel Errors

    They only show in the event log. Thanks Joe
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    Schannel Errors

    Since doing the Jan rollup in Windows 7 I am getting 2 Schannel errors 40 and 70 on startup. Everything seems to be working OK. Is this just some timeout issue or something important? Thanks Joe
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    Please help fix boot failure due to driver issue WITHOUT Repair Install

    Windows 7 also has Startup Repair in it. Joe
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    Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.245.1059.0)

    I just found this article Microsoft admits it disables anti-virus software in response to Kaspersky's EU complaint
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    Why does windows 7 take forever to shut down

    Do you have any automatic backup software running? I ran into this with a WD external drive and their Smartware program. It runs silently in the background and slows shutdown until it finishes the file it's coping. joe
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    install older application

    Software compatibility is one reason business is so slow to move to a new OS. Many have exotic software that doesn't get updated to new a OS. That was also a factor in business hanging on to XP for so long. Joe
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    This is getting weird!

    Mike did you install any freeware ? Sometimes it gets slipped in there and you miss it. Joe
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    CCleaner Registry Fix

    You can also save the registry items it removes in case you need to reinstall them. Joe
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    Shortcut Arrows

    Well I started using this on vista and it still works on Windows 10 FxVisor (64 bit) 2.0 for Windows See if that is what you want. Joe
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    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview

    It finally showed up it took long enough! I thought I had a problem with windows Update! Joe
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    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview

    I don't see Build 14986 showing up yet. I'm still at 14965 and I am set on fast ring. The last installed update was 11/13 when I updated to 14965. WEindows defender is updating OK Joe
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    W7 disk full

    Check the settings for Restore Points they can eat a lot of space too. You may need to reduce that setting. Joe
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    I think Windows 7 was the best also. They need to quit trying to turn a desktop into a phone interface. They also have to realize that there is no need to replace a computer every 3 years like you did 15 -20 years ago. The hardware improvements today are much smaller than in the past. Joe
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    Cumulative Updates

    Anybody wonder if this is going to cause a lot of problems for Windows 7 and 8 users? Windows 10 has caused a lot of problems. I like to choose what I install. I think I'll wait a bit before updating and see how big a mess MS makes. It may be safer not to update if you are careful where you go...
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    MS Live Mail discontinued, what does it really means?

    I'm confused too does this mean that Hotmail will be discontinued and when is the date? I've got 2 hotmail accounts and will need to change some contact info in various places. Joe
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    Unwanted Windows 10 Update

    Also change the Windows Update to never check for updates then go into Services and change startup to manual. Keep an eye out for KB3035583 even when you hide it it seems to slip back in the update list. Joe
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    windows updating

    I use the GWX Control Panel Ultimate Outsider - Software Downloads and have good luck with it so far. One windows update to check for every time you go to Windows Update is KB3035583 it keeps reappearing when you hide it. Also set your Windows Update to never check for updates and change startup...