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    Schannel Errors

    Since doing the Jan rollup in Windows 7 I am getting 2 Schannel errors 40 and 70 on startup. Everything seems to be working OK. Is this just some timeout issue or something important? Thanks Joe
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    Cumulative Updates

    Anybody wonder if this is going to cause a lot of problems for Windows 7 and 8 users? Windows 10 has caused a lot of problems. I like to choose what I install. I think I'll wait a bit before updating and see how big a mess MS makes. It may be safer not to update if you are careful where you go...
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    Clean Install is Slow

    I just saw this about clean installing Window 7 Sticking with Windows 7? The forecast calls for pain | ZDNet I've noticed that since Windows 10 released Windows Update is incredibly slow when updating Windows 7 PCs. I'm glad I keep several images. I used to slipstream updates in XP and several...
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    Windows Defender Will Now Delete Disk Cleanup Programs

    Anybody else see this Windows Defender will now delete misleading disk cleanup programs I wonder what else they will decide to delete on people without giving them a choice. Joe
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    Build 14257 Bugs

    It appears that build 14257 has some known bugs Build 14257 for Windows 10 hits fast ring with one big, nasty known problem I think I'll aoid this one. Joe
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    Here We Go Again

    Well I see MS is going to try and force the Windows 10 upgrade again Automatic Windows 10 installs begin but how easy are they to stop? - TechRepublic This is getting to be a real pain to constantly have to sort through the monthly updates. There should be a one time opt out and it should not...
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    Update Problem

    When I try and update to the new version of insiders builds It only downloads. When I check in Advanced Settiings it says Some Settings Are Managed by Your Organization. Any idea how to fix this I'm set to the fast ring? Joe
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    Build 11099 fixed work group problems.

    I had network problems with work groups not showing all the computers when viewed from Windows 10. This happened about 2 builds ago. Build 11099 fixed that for me. Now I wish they's fix the sharing so you don't have to redo that after upgrading versions! Joe
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    Build Build 11099 not showing in my Fast Ring

    I understand build 11099 was released to the fast ring but it's not showing on mine yet. Anybody else get it yet? The other Jan updates went OK. Joe
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    New GWX Control Panel

    There is a new GWX Control Panel available Ultimate Outsider - Software Downloads Joe
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    New Nag ForWindows 10

    When I logged into my Hotmail accounts this morning there is a nag screen on the login page for Windows 10. Looks like MS is getting more aggressive. Joe
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    Windows 10 and business

    I was at the dentist this morning. They just switched to Windows 7 early this year and I noticed the Window 10 icon to upgrade on the PC. I warned the dentist and he thanked me. He didn't know anything about Windows 10 and thanked me for the warning. I saw the same thing at the car dealer they...
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    Clean Install Question

    I'm in the windows Insider program and have been running Windows 10 in a virtual machine. The last upgrade to 10565 has problems. Start and Search don't work. I did not upgrade from Windows 7 or 8. Can I just create a new VM and do a fresh install? If so what about the key do I skip that at the...
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    Permanently Block Windows 10 Upgrade Nags

    It seems like MS is determined to force Windows 10 on a lot of unsuspecting people again Is there any way to permanently block these attacks for people that don't want it and don't want to do a search of...
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    Forced Upgrades

    It appears that MS is getting more agressive about forcing Windows 10 on people. I just saw this Microsoft no longer lets you opt-out of a Windows 10 upgrade If you don't want Windows 10 there should be a way to opt out permanently and not have to constantly look for new update that tries to...
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    Windows Update not working

    I noticed my Windows updates no longer works it just sits there eating up memory. I suspect it may be the indirect cause of recent BSODs. After the system boots up and runs a little while usage jumps alot. I restored an image from April and it tested OK with SFC Scanow. I'm still using IE9 . If...
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    Chrome Comodo Problem

    My sister had 2 computers with Chrome that started crashing on open. Updating all of the drivers did not help. Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome did not help. I uninstalled Commodo firewall and put on Private Firewall now Chrome works fine! The Chrome constant silent updates are a pain with...
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    Virtual Hard Drive

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate and it allows you to make a folder for a bootable virtual HD instead of partitioning. You are running on actual hardware not in a virtual machine and dual booting and Windows 7 is still intact. Can windows 10 do this? Joe
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    What is Blaze

    In Windows 10 10240 I just noticed when I view network a device is shown called Blaze any idea what it is? I have no idea what it is I don't use any fancy phone or other devices. It's nothing I knowingly installed Joe
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    Insider Preview Is Windows 10 Really Free?

    I just saw this and thought it interesting since MS is touting free forever. Are they going to pull a fast one on the people who update? Joe