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  1. itsgainsday95

    The Human

    Humans life virgin soles of people's feet : 🛡🥋 no job interview virgin at 23 Bells of Notre Dame🔔👣 home life🏠stone College Tarzan toy hackintosh cspan family friendly African American autism windows lifes strange tumblr Human life soles of peoples babyface feet 👣😶female shout2012 neverhad...
  2. itsgainsday95

    Working for Asus

    What do Asus employers expect or look for in somebody in order to be hired manufacturing motherboards job or working in Asus team job?
  3. itsgainsday95

    Life Topic: Clearing the Confusion of Lust..

    Surprised I made another Mature Life Video? Yeah so am I :) This Mature Virgin Life Video had to be made as serious reoccurring life issues need to be addressed :mad: Look at that soothing smile :) We will be victorious in Life. Negativity will lose. I respect Woman, I see them as Human Beings...
  4. itsgainsday95

    End Stigma in Society...

    Every single day in life we all inspire each other :) I want to inspire people to love life :) I even inspire LGBT people to love their life :) Life balance is essential. Balance between Family, Friends, Social Life, Work, Fun etc. Every day in Life I get livid dealing with so much stigma in...
  5. itsgainsday95

    Windows 10 1607 unstable mess

    I have windows 10 1607 14393.447 on my asus g551vw fy212t laptop windows 10 completely crashed while in middle of burning blu ray disc now my blu ray disc is corrupt thanks Microsoft! 20170620_073225.mp4
  6. itsgainsday95

    Server Execution Failed

    This is a common issue in windows 7 apparently. Why does this issue happen?
  7. itsgainsday95

    Windows 7 Basic mode and classic mode screen tear issue

    Whenever I switch to basic or classic mode I experience screen tear. What gives? I have Acer H257HU monitor FYI. Here is video of screen tear 20170228_022307.mp4
  8. itsgainsday95

    Which backup method is more ideal or safer?

    Backing up on ssd would be safer than hdd because no moving parts correct? So ssd failure rate is lower so just wondering how is it possible to lose data on ssd?