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    Installing ram memory

    I have added 4 Gb RAM but memory to the 4Gb of my Intel 3 64 bits processor desktop. In the Bios I read 8 GB RAM memory but looking to the memory usance in the task manager it seems that only 3 GB is available. But also there the header says that 8 GB is available?? Do I have to change...
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    Windows 10 malfunction?

    My desktop runs with two hard disks. On each of them a Windows 10 version is installed. Recently one of these versions started to function properly. A lot of programs do not work anymore but others do. For example the Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel etc.) function well. The connection...
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    BOSD Windows 10 Help wanted

    My System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1 Computer type: Desktop Installation Date: 26-6-2016 12:11:56 Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Windows Security Center User Account Control (UAC) Enabled Notify level 2 - Default Windows Update AutoUpdate Download Automatically and Install at Set...