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  1. livix07

    Network Shared Folder

    Do you not know how to configure the computers in order to share files? Please let me know. I can point you to tutorials.
  2. livix07

    Network Shared Folder

    It depends on whether you want the server (the computer on which the shared files are stored) to be accessed from outside the private network (LAN). From a security point of view, the MINIMUM necessary permissions is the best. Also, on a private network you don't really need encryption but...
  3. livix07

    Net View works, then sometime later returns error 53, reboot router, works again.

    Maybe there is something wrong with the path name. Try using quotes when the names in the path have spaces: net view F:"\\server\share name" OR just modify the names so that there are no spaces in the names.
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    Net View works, then sometime later returns error 53, reboot router, works again.

    Please copy and paste the EXACT ERROR MESSAGE or take a screenshot. with best regards
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    Windows 10 installation error

    Please DON'T DELETE THIS THREAD. It will be useful to others. Here is a solution that I have already tried. This solution was originally posted in Russian language. You can read it here (solution 2): Ошибки экрана OOBE при первой настройке Windows 10 и как их устранить | Белые окошки Here are...
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    The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase.....

    Please take a look at this: The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation
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    Removing things that appear after right-clicking a file

    Have you checked if your Windows installation got corrupted? Please watch the following video tutorial on how to do it:
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    There are several possible causes for that freezing, the following are some of them: 1) HDD/SSD is defective. 2) Malware (some kind of virus/worm) 3 ) RAM or CPU is defective 4) An application/software 5) Buggy updates I recommend that you download Malwarebytes (Malware Protection for Home |...
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    Which system on my device? Please help!

    Not all video games require the same CPU capacity and amount of RAM. The newer video games have better image quality and therefore require more CPU and RAM. That's why I asked. As for the performance, I use Linux instead of Windows exactly for that reason. However, Linux is less friendly in...
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    Search *.reg file to change file association for *.txt extension and/or txtfile type?

    When you double-click on an item, it will be opened with the application that has been chosen using 'open with' context.
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    Which system on my device? Please help!

    Can you post the names of those 'old' video games so that we can check the minimum requirements for them? Do you mean the online version of Pixelart?
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    Login failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

    As far as I know the Group Policy on the domain controller (the server) only affects the computers controlled by it, the computers that have joined that domain.
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    Windows 10 File Explorer infotip

    I don't think you can change the infotip without editing the registry in a way or another but you can add details to the name of the file by renaming it.
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    Can you take a screenshot and upload it here?
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    Windows 10 installation problem

    You can use GParted live-CD/USB to format the disk again: GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD
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    Each USB drive appears 2 times in File Explorer: Top Level and under "This PC"

    Have you tried to reset File Explorer? (Please take a look at this How to Reset File Explorer’s Folder View in Windows 10) Have you run System File Check command: sfc /scannow
  17. livix07

    How to omit a drive from backup

    You can temporarily disconnect the S: drive (assuming it is a different physical disk). There are other free software for back up that might give you the possibility to omit that drive.
  18. livix07

    Double click on *.reg file does NOT change the key value in Registry

    Just 2 quick thoughts: - have you tested that script on a different computer? - create a new admin account on the same computer and test the script Maybe the script is the problem.