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  1. NaiyaShamiso

    Migrating Windows System Directories.

    I have been thinking about getting a SATA controler card and a few SSD for my system. I have been looking around for something on this topic and thus far have not found anything talking about it or it is talking about moveing the entire disk. What I want to do is migrate system directories to...
  2. NaiyaShamiso


    This is a screen shot of my Minecraft server. I set off 8,192 packs of TNT as one time and this is what the server looked like. LMAO Needless to say it crashed, and when I got it up and running again, the TNT had started over. This started an explosion that lasted about a good 15 minutes. It was...
  3. NaiyaShamiso

    Windows 7 DirectX10 & DirectX9

    I have been seeing a disturbing ammount of talk on the web, and it could have been there and I ju st didn't notice, about *d3d9* files issues. People talk like DX10 & DX11 are just upgrades to the DX lineup. That is not the case at all. Just because Vista comes with DX10 and 7 with DX11 doesn't...
  4. NaiyaShamiso

    Keyboard/Software Issue

    Okay I was not sure what to put this under so I put it under the support. I have been noticing that my computer starts acting funny every once and a while. Nothing that a reboot wont fix, but I want to know why it is doing it. So After a few days of running, some of the keys will just stop...
  5. NaiyaShamiso

    Sex and the Faction

    Let’s talk about that friend of yours; you know that one, everyone has one. I’m talking about that friend that meet their one and only on the internet. No matter if it was over a Massively Multiplayer Online game (such as World of Warcraft, Perfect World International or Diablo II) or some...
  6. NaiyaShamiso

    Facebook Mods

    Check out my neat looking facebook. I think it is just so cool looking, wish this and the dislike button where native.
  7. NaiyaShamiso

    Windows 7 Star Trek Online

    I start playing Star Trek Online not long ago. For the first day or so I could not log on with my Perfect World Entertainment account. I could not understand why, I keep getting invalid password, when I can log on to Perfect World Internatinal just fine. I started thinking that it could be my...
  8. NaiyaShamiso

    Wireless Networking

    I have a question. Some one may know the answer to this one. Why dose 8 task manager show that I have two wireless NICs but my device manager only shows the one.
  9. NaiyaShamiso

    Danger Will Roninson Danger

    I wanted to start this thread to warn people about things that have come up during my time testing Windows 8. The largest things that I was hoping to put out is the stuff that is a major break down, and could cause your system to have to be cold shutdown. That was the major idea I had, but...
  10. NaiyaShamiso

    Guitar Hero / Rcok Band

    Before I spend the money, I want to know about the hardware and software. Will the Guitar Hero run on 7 64 Bit? Also will the devices from Guitar Hero and Rock Band work?
  11. NaiyaShamiso

    Windows the next frontier

    I want to blog on the site, and want to know if my writing is any good or if I will embarrass myself. Pleas let me know what you think. I also have one or two more. If this one is any good, I can post them as well and see what you think. These are a few years old, please excuse the out of date...
  12. NaiyaShamiso

    Gentoo on Virtual Box

    This is my first taste of Virtual Box. I am installing Gentoo and I wanted to know if I have to have my VTx hardware vitalization enabled for this to run correctly. Any one know?
  13. NaiyaShamiso

    Application: Classic Shell

    I couldn't find a thread about this application, and wanted to know a few things about it before I install it. Will it make all kinds of changes to my system when I install it, or will it leave everything default, and let me choose what to change? How will this affect non Microsoft...
  14. NaiyaShamiso

    Windows 7 BioShock on Windows 7

    I am trying to play BioShock Retail on my system. It installs fine, runs DX10 style, and all is dandy. The problem is when I try to play the game, there is no sound. Sound works fine on the videos and intro, just not when you get in the game. Dose any one have any ideas?