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    My Anti-Malware/Rootkit cocktail!!

    Just an update. Unhackme still rocks!! I don't use combofix anymore and I've replaced it with Malware Antibytes for the fake alert antivirus software. The EXE file registry patch still comes in handy every so often. Also, after virus removal I have to set the internet options, connections and...
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    Install Exchange 2003 properties on ADUC Windows 7 from RSAT.

    Get the Exchange 2003 properties on the ADUC. Remote Server Administration Tools -- Then Programs, features and turn features on. Select ADUC. Exchange 2003 -- Download VSMVISTA.exe and extract the files, but dont' run...
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    Activating Windows?

    Internet connection is required. These steps work on Vista as well.
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    My Anti-Malware/Rootkit cocktail!!

    I believe I've got it down to a science. 1. Unhackme - removes ALL of those Antivirus 20xx both the fake alerts and the programs that can't be uninstalled. Deals with the registry so the usuall legalese to registry modification aplies so be careful. But by...
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    Remoting to domain controllers and the Win 7 taskbar and remote desktop.

    I use the remote desktop to remote into our servers, so I pinned it to the taskbar. Problem was going to another server, because when I clicked the icon on the taskbar it opened up the remote desktop of the server I already logged into. Under XP you'd just click on the icon and it would keep...
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    Recreate a User's Profile

    Restart your PC to release the locks on your profiles. Log on with another administrative account. Delete C:\Users\%username% Delete C:\Users\TEMP Delete the registry key matching your SID from "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList". Check the value...
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    Hardware Problem

    Insert the install CD and then reboot go into setup (F2 or F10 depending on BIOS watch the boot screen for correct key) and select boot from CD (first boot device) go through the menus untill the install screen. But, goto recovery console and the ASR should start automatically or you may have...
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    More on Windows 7

    I use the remote desktop and other applications and I copied them to the menu bar so it is like the quick launch toolbar in XP. It is cool as I can have many applications or instances of them open and all I have to do is hover the mouse to see a ribbon of what is open. The screens are big...
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    Exe files cant open!

    Use from Link Removed - Invalid URL The article also gives the registry keys. This has helped me on three or four computers now.
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    Win7 cannot open programs

    I have a fix. I downloaded from Link Removed - Invalid URL and run it on the XP machine. I usually do this after I've run unhackme or other rootkit removal software. The file will reassociate exe files in the registry. This solution has been available since 2004, but I've...
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    My son went to Windows 7

    Open EXE problem Unable to Start a Program with an .exe File Extension We've got another XP computer we use and it had a similar problem open exe files, although I could still open the file by opening with a browser. I eventually found the link and it worked so that you just click on an icon...
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    after sleep, laptop takes minutes for internet to work again and/ or requires reboot

    This reminds me of my Vista laptop with IE8. There are times when IE8 just stops responding and it usually happens after I take it out of sleep mode. I like the idea of shaking the mouse or hitting the shift key and having the browser open where I left it. I do give the laptop time to get...
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    Win7 cannot open programs

    This is insidious and sounds like the problem that caused me to suggest reformating the drive and do a clean upgrade from XP to Windows 7 to my son. We couldn't run any exe. It is difficult to communicate how helpless we were because EVERYTHING is an exe and basically, the computer was...
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    I'm getting RunDLL errors on startup

    I remove a lot of viruss at work and that filename mLEtTKaY.dll and the other so looks like a virus. My bet would be that your antivirus has removed the virus for you but the run key is still in your registry. If you are technical you could try to search the registry for all references to the...
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    I think I discovered why I'm freezing all the time...

    Have you tried putting on a jacket or layering? sorry could help it.:p
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    My son went to Windows 7

    After a month of having Win7 at work, it seemed easy to give it to my son when he caught the Antivirus 2010 rogueware. It was nasty in that it wouldn' even let exe or com files to be executed. I normally insist on manually removing rootkits and malware. I'm proud of my success using free...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7, IIS, MySql and PHP

    Windows Apache MySQL and PHP simple install I use xampp for my web classes. You just install one package and it gives you a configured apache web server, mysql, php and perl. The x means that you can get a package for Windows, Linux and the Mac. Linux hosting is nearly free as I can setup...
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    Netgear WN111v2 Uses

    Sweet! Yep, you know how to roll. Sounds like you've material for ebay. Or like I said you can donate it to yours truly. I teach a networking class and my students would appreciate more practice equipment. I might even be able to get you a tax reciept through our computer club. Send me a...
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    Netgear WN111v2 Uses

    Send it to me. Seriously. What are you using to connect to the Internet now that your not using the N router? 3G cellular? a company network?... The WN111v2 is a USB networking adapter that has the latest N wireless abilities and is backward compatible with the older and more widespread...
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    A couple Windows 7 niggles - looking for solutions

    See number of selected files On my install this is on by default. I found you can toggle this details bar above status bar. When you are in the explorer click Organize, Layout, Details