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    Windows 7 Forums Promotions and Giveaways

    It makes me sad that you think a legitimate point such as I made, is regarded as theatrics. "it was important for us not to discriminate towards active members " That' s almost comical. The result was an insult to many active members. In view of your latter comments, and previous engagements...
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    Windows 7 Forums Promotions and Giveaways

    LOl. Particularly the first two winners. Sabrehagens first post (of only two) was a suggestion for help. It was given in the third post in the thread.As far as I can see, from his subsequent post after that, he acted on it with 100% success. I know this will incur the continued wrath of the...
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    Strange Windows7 behaviour

    My Laptop, an expensive model, started like that and finally hung up. The bug report (safe mode) indicated a graphics problem. I googled and got some frightening results. It seems that with some, not all, laptops, using Nvidea graphics, have had the same problem. I am not frightening you, but it...
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    Windows 7 Forums Promotions and Giveaways

    Congrats, Iroken. The first two nominees, after there initial threads, have not been on the site for over a year, I can see they are busy in their other fields (not computer related), so are probably long gone. Hopefully, should they respond. Congrats to both.
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    Notification popup

    Hi Mitch. During your suspension? Are you suspended? Is there a reference to that somewhere?
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    Unidentified Network persists after System Recovery??

    I would take these steps. 1. Open the Control panel (icon view) and select the "Network and sharing Center" 2. Select, on the left, " Manage Wireless networks" 3. Click any you see there, and on the Menu bar, "Remove. 4. Back out to the earlier Window, and select "Set up a new connection or...
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    Notification popup

    Thanks for the reply, Kemical. I guess I will just have to bear with clicking it each time and cancelling again, to get rid of the notification.
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    Notification popup

    I often , of late, get this popup from my "notifications" Is there any way I can stop it. It doesn't seem to have any purpose?? Link Removed due to 404 Error
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    Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Get a Free Power Efficiency Report for Your PC

    My God! And he is an !expert" That is a sledgehammer to crack a nut. There is a gui interface in Windows 7, which can open this feature, and several other diagnostic features. Open the Control panel (icon view). Select trouble shooting. Under "System and Security, select "Improve Power Outage"
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    Unable to uninstall a program

    Is there no "uninstall" in Itunes, in the start menu?
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    Windows 7 Taking too Long to Boot

    A wild shot in the dark! Do you have a fingerprint reader on your laptop? If so disable it. It appears to be a common reason for delays before the logon stage.
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    deactivating win7 to install on another one

    As Nibiru says. If you do not remove the previously activated OS then, when the next "genuine copy" update comes along, one of your two computers may become inoperative. If you wish to continue illegally using both, then you would have to switch off the updates. You can certainly cover this by...
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    Can't find Windows Defender

    I have heavily customised my start programs, but I think, by default, it is in "Accessories" It is included in windows and is free. If you install Micrpspft's own antivirus program, Microsoft Security essentials (MSE), which is an updated successor to Defender, it will disable it.
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    Windows 7 SP1

    Re: Great! You're right, Glexn. I have installed it and Examined it (windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit). I have previously kept up to date and, frankly, I can see nothing to test! It did give me some stange fluctuations on a couple of sites, using IE, but not with Firefox. I bugged this, fwiw. Another...
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    Unindetified Network Problem - on start up of Windows 7.

    OK. You've got me going. I am going to install TCP/IP manager to see what it actually does!!!!
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    Unindetified Network Problem - on start up of Windows 7.

    I believe you need t insert a primary and secondary(subnet) IP address in the tcpip config. By default this is dynamic, if you have left it on defaults.. Your ISP will have given you these addresses.
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    Unindetified Network Problem - on start up of Windows 7.

    ". By the damn Network and Sharing Center you can not make it return to "Network" you can just delete or merge networks (and guess - can not delete the one you are connected to" Presumably you are deleting the other networks through "manage wireless networks" ? I found, that for some reason, if...
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    Cannot pin to taskbar

    Yet another way. Go to the Winamp folder and click the .exe from there. Now right click the thumbnail and see if you can pin it.
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    Win Update Will not open...? (Pic included)

    A virus is a common reason for the problem. Second best is that the OS is a BEta?? I see the date on the computer is a week old, but maybe an older stored picture? Try the built in trouble shooter.Windows 7 does include a Windows Update repair. Control Panel - Troubleshooting (icon view) -...
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    Repeating Windows 7 actvation requests.

    Thats something new? I have used Acronis image countless times, but never had that problem. Maybe there was an activation problem with your original, from which you made the image, and you are putting the problem back each time?