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  1. Grub

    Biggie Smalls vs. Thomas The Tank Engine

    Aaaaahh, poor little Thomas lol :what_smile:
  2. Grub

    Panda Cheese anyone?

    Better get me some!
  3. Grub

    胡麻麦茶『A FIRE MAN』- Nice commercial

    Gotta love ads with a message lol
  4. Grub

    "THE LIFE ORGANIC" - by Dom and Adrian

    These guys are really fresh. Check out more of their clips. The original Bondi Hipsters lol
  5. Grub

    You just gotta!! lol

    Oh man, my IP has never felt sooo dirty. lol - Glenn Groaning Your IP Address!
  6. Grub

    Mansour Bahrami

    This guy is great, love McEnroe's face.
  7. Grub

    Direct3D error.

    Hey all, I have recently taken some time off from one of my favourite games, mainly to get all the others I hadn't played yet out of the way :tongue: I went to fire it up the other day and got the following error. I have noticed its going on about Directx9. I have tried all compatibility...
  8. Grub

    Windows 7 Fear 3

    Man, it does that when I add quotation marks. Maybe a chrome thing again. Better let Mike know I guess.
  9. Grub

    Windows 7 Fear 3

    When the most intense part of F3AR is the MP it probably means the SP campaign may not be as intense as say the original which is sad. I'm guessing from the look of it, that the campaign is not only designed for, but recommended to be played in Co-op. This is great if the levels aren't designed...
  10. Grub

    Guy passes out on slingshot!

    The pat on leg at the end is great! I'm thinking he says "you'll be right."
  11. Grub

    Windows 7 Fear 3

    Man, another one. I'm loosing faith :(
  12. Grub

    Bizarre pornography raid underscores Wi-Fi privacy risks

    Hmm, and Germany are out front as usual in the logic department it would seem. I tell my buddy, who has his connection open for all his neighbours in his building, generosity sometimes gets you burnt. Mine is locked, always has been always will be. I'm sure others disagree.
  13. Grub

    For those who haven't seen TwisterNederland's vids...(must see)

    These compilations are great. Fails are always good... And of course, the ones in charge of keeping the world safe... TwisterNederland, you are a compilation genius. Keep.....compilating??
  14. Grub

    IMAGES Guess the Game from the Screenshot

    heheh, I was going to say Queen. lol Go again.
  15. Grub

    Windows 7 Edmund From Blackadder Is In ACBH2

    I meant before he became Prince Edmund...Ep 1 Season 1 ;P
  16. Grub

    Windows 7 Edmund From Blackadder Is In ACBH2

    I found him the other day loafing around in Roma. I don't know why but FRAPS (full version) seems to take away the full splendour of maxed out settings...
  17. Grub

    IMAGES Guess the Game from the Screenshot

    lol....okaaaaay. :D
  18. Grub

    IMAGES Guess the Game from the Screenshot

    Hint time maybe? :)
  19. Grub

    IMAGES Guess the Game from the Screenshot

    Hahah, you know it.