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    Blue Screen With New Hardrive

    Adding a second HDD to my PC is causing a blue screen on boot. I hope someone can help me with this. I have a spare HDD from a recently upgraded laptop lying around and want to install it in my desktop in addition to the 1 SSD I have in there currently. The problem is once I connect the drive...
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    That Sneaky Auto Update

    When I first got my PC I got it all set up the way I liked it then created a system image. I then followed every guide I can find on the internet to disable auto update and telemetry. This worked great for about a year until today. I went to turn off my PC and boom there it was, "Restart and...
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    Xbox App Update Help Needed

    Hello all, I needed to seek out some help with updating my Xbox app on my PC. I have long ago obliterated automatic update on my Windows 10 PC but now I decided I want to give this app a go and it wont work without the latest version. Is there a work around to get it updated without...