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  1. Grub

    Biggie Smalls vs. Thomas The Tank Engine

    Aaaaahh, poor little Thomas lol :what_smile:
  2. Grub

    Panda Cheese anyone?

    Better get me some!
  3. Grub

    胡麻麦茶『A FIRE MAN』- Nice commercial

    Gotta love ads with a message lol
  4. Grub

    "THE LIFE ORGANIC" - by Dom and Adrian

    These guys are really fresh. Check out more of their clips. The original Bondi Hipsters lol
  5. Grub

    You just gotta!! lol

    Oh man, my IP has never felt sooo dirty. lol - Glenn Groaning Your IP Address!
  6. Grub

    Mansour Bahrami

    This guy is great, love McEnroe's face.
  7. Grub

    Direct3D error.

    Hey all, I have recently taken some time off from one of my favourite games, mainly to get all the others I hadn't played yet out of the way :tongue: I went to fire it up the other day and got the following error. I have noticed its going on about Directx9. I have tried all compatibility...
  8. Grub

    Guy passes out on slingshot!

    The pat on leg at the end is great! I'm thinking he says "you'll be right."
  9. Grub

    For those who haven't seen TwisterNederland's vids...(must see)

    These compilations are great. Fails are always good... And of course, the ones in charge of keeping the world safe... TwisterNederland, you are a compilation genius. Keep.....compilating??
  10. Grub

    Windows 7 Edmund From Blackadder Is In ACBH2

    I found him the other day loafing around in Roma. I don't know why but FRAPS (full version) seems to take away the full splendour of maxed out settings...
  11. Grub

    Mortal Kombat Secret Character Tryouts Ep.1

    This is pretty funny, a few old friends ;)
  12. Grub

    Aussie teenagers. Well probably most teenagers lol

    I found this a while ago. Being a Youth Worker, I encounter teenagers from all walks. This is exactly what I go through every shift ;) For those who haven't seen it, enjoy!
  13. Grub

    Japanese Sunami

    Some footage of how severe this sunami is, especially after the quake they had. Whatever form of praying you do, make it for these guys. Warnings are being issued worldwide.
  14. Grub

    Windows 7 The Penumbra Series.

    Hey all, Penumbra. Bloody Penumbra. For all of you who haven't played this series, you have too. I'm not usually one to force games upon people but YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS SERIES!! This first person psychological thriller is one of the best games I have ever played (my best games I have ever...
  15. Grub

    Captain Picard?

    Oh how I lol'd
  16. Grub

    Funny ArmA 2 Moment

    Hey all. I was editing a mission I'm currently making in ArmA 2 where the British medics attempts to help the civilians get interrupted by carbomb. Must have mistyped some syntax somewhere hey? Sorry about the quality.
  17. Grub

    Constant CRC error, can't figure out why...

    Hey there everyone, Sorry if its long winded I have just run out of ideas... Ok, so this particular CRC error has occured when I have dowloaded a patch for a game I play. After the patch had finished I used RAR to extract the patches self installer (.exe) During the extraction, it threw...
  18. Grub

    Ken Block's Gymkhana, l'Autodrome, France

    You've probably all seen this before but I had to post for those who haven't. I could watch this all day and never get sick of it. The man is truly of the proverbial hook.
  19. Grub

    Beatbox Kitchen

    This guy is great... "I got mine at Sainsburys", priceless.
  20. Grub

    My mate showing off his skills in ArmA 2

    This is my mate klopstan, he is using the private military company DLC for ArmA 2.