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  1. livix07

    fix Windows 10 Update problems

    Via GUI (Graphical User Interface) Note: Make sure you are using an Administrator account!!! 1) Press Windows Logo key ( ) and R key at the same time 2) type services.msc in the run dialog window 3) locate Windows Update, right-click on it and select Stop 4) locate Windows Installer...
  2. livix07

    Microsoft Licence Agreements

    Please read here: Microsoft License Terms
  3. livix07

    Boot into Safe Mode

    Please follow this video tutorial:
  4. livix07

    Find Windows product key on all versions

    Launch Command Prompt (which is already available on ALL Windows versions) as administrator and run this command: wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey
  5. livix07

    mini ITX computer or NAS for file server

    I genuinely want to know how many of you would be willing to buy a second hand mini ITX computer instead of a new NAS (Network Attached Storage) to use it as file server. Please take into account before you vote that the price in the poll below means the price of the computer or NAS without disk...
  6. livix07

    SAMBA traffic encryption works

    I am glad to see that encryption finally works between SAMBA file server on a Linux machine and Windows client. It did not work with Windows 7 clients. It definitely works with Windows 10 clients. Here is the proof: In case you don't know, SAMBA can also be used as Active Directory Domain...
  7. livix07

    insert drivers into ISO with MSMG toolkit

    Is it possible to insert drivers in .exe format into ISO with MSMG toolkit? Will they be actually installed during Windows installation? Does anyone have experience with that? I have never done this and there is someone who needs a customized Windows installation ISO. Unfortunately the...
  8. livix07

    Debugger issue

    Why does WinDBG give a different output on my computer: .................................................. ******************************************************************************* * * *...
  9. livix07

    how to remove my message (post)

    Can somebody tell me how I can remove a message / post? I do NOT mean private message but public, such as a reply to somebody's post.