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  1. Neemobeer

    Windows downgrade

    There is no downgrade process. You'd need to do a clean install. Windows XP has been end of life for years so you'll run into a lot of problems It will likely be difficult to find drivers Software no longer supports XP so you would basically be running vulnerable unsupported software on a...
  2. Neemobeer

    What are the features of choosing an IT company for software development?

    Well for starters have you looked around and talked to a VARS about your needs? There's a good chance there's a product out there already that will work. In many cases they tend to be customizable.
  3. Neemobeer

    RDP authentication using Certificates only

    It might be possible if you also install the NPS server role at which point you can setup certificate authentication. Then again it still may not work since RDP doesn't support certificate authentication.
  4. Neemobeer

    How to use Web Certificates

    Hard to say without more info. You could try running wireshark and capture the communication. If it's network or even cert related the capture should tell you.
  5. Neemobeer

    How to use Web Certificates

    What application? If the application installs them, they likely get installed into the correct store.
  6. Neemobeer

    How to use Web Certificates

    Really depends on what you're doing. Is it a web site or a desktop application? Is it java based or other technology? Client certificate or one for the application?
  7. Neemobeer

    Multiple instances of unknown icon appearing in taskbar

    That is possible, typical of rootkits. Probably will need to boot into safe mode and scan or take it to a shop to get it cleaned up.
  8. Neemobeer

    Net Use doesn't show mapped drives

    Yup that is normal functionality. If you have an account that belongs to the administrators group you can think of it as two accounts with the same name. During normal operation your account runs as a member of the "Users" group. When you run an operation that requires elevated rights, after...
  9. Neemobeer

    Access denied when trying to activate Windows 7 with a key

    You'll need to do a clean install of Windows 10 and then enter your license. The Windows 7 license serves have been down for a long while since Windows 7 is EOL. I would also installed the 64 bit version of Windows 10 vs 32 bit.
  10. Neemobeer

    Multiple instances of unknown icon appearing in taskbar

    Could be some kind of crypto miner malware. In proxexp there should be an option to turn off the refresh so it should capture the processes and not refresh when the processes close
  11. Neemobeer

    Specifically tailored news feeds?

    I would look at
  12. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 a

    Happy to help if you have specific questions, but this looks like homework.
  13. Neemobeer

    Multiple instances of unknown icon appearing in taskbar

    I would either run export a list of running processes from powershell. Get-Process | Select Name,Path | Export-Csv "$($env:userprofile)\Desktop\process.csv" -NoTypeInformation and upload it to look at or Download Procexp and run it and select Process > Check VirusTotal and if there's anything...
  14. Neemobeer

    Creating aggregate audio devices on Windows 10

    Unfortunately no, I don't dabble with anything audio related.
  15. Neemobeer

    Creating aggregate audio devices on Windows 10

    We have no affiliation to Microsoft and are not privy to any insider information.
  16. Neemobeer

    Installer can find location for temp files on Linux system.

    That's because Windows doesn't understand any Linux filesystem ext#,btrfs etc. You'd want to install Windows first then a Linux distro, or a safer and easier option would be to install it as a VM.
  17. Neemobeer

    New install of win8, but can't activate

    You'll need to install 8.1 before it will work.
  18. Neemobeer

    Windows constantly asking for me to sign into OneDrive?

    Try disconnecting from the network and sign in with the old email. Then connect and change it.
  19. Neemobeer

    Screen Recorders for Windows 10

    OBS free and SnagIt or Camtasia paid
  20. Neemobeer

    right click paste

    This would work to clear it on right click