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  1. Pauli

    When people just vanish

    I'm in a rather blue mood right now, this may be depressive, or sound sour. Why write this? Teaching? We do need to interfere. To involve when something gets messed up. Unless we do it, people just simply go up in smoke, us wondering, What happened? Lost my neighbor at her 79 of age, she was a...
  2. Pauli

    MUSIC An homage to my wife, and all women who bear men, even to the point of love.

    Sometimes a relationship gets difficult, and it happened to us - we are too much alike, my wife and I. When it's good, it's tremendous, when it goes downhill... ok. So we had me mad, my wife hitting me twice with the frying pan, our < 3 years old son going crazy, our < 4 months old daughter...
  3. Pauli

    SATIRE Finnish Sisu

    A very short clip, and I won't translate it, because it's 80% bad words. But I guess you can get the meaning? It could be Politics too? Man just trying to get it done, gets a swamp, wants to turn it into a field to feed wife and kids - survival.
  4. Pauli

    Windows 7 A plain common notice

    I've been using Avast Internet Security for a couple of years, all has worked fine. Now I got this note that my license has expired, some other programs also alerted about it... so I got confused. About two hours later happened what I had expected, everything worked normal. They just had some...
  5. Pauli

    Windows 7 Warfare?

    I've used Windows Essentials Codec Pack for many years, no problems. Now, due to a failed driver update, I needed to re-install my Windows 7 and, trying to download the pack, I got what you can see down left in in the pic. Just curious, is this real, or is this just...
  6. Pauli

    Christmas etc.

    Don't know if I'm blind and deaf once again, it wouldn't be the first time, but I didn't notice a general wish of a merry Christmas, and hopes for the next year to be the best ever. I don't personally celebrate Christmas, due to biblical reasons, but I do enjoy the message of peace, like in...
  7. Pauli

    COMEDY The stunt of stunts

    Once again introducing Vesa-Matti Loiri: Dialogue: - You start from here with this flag (official Finnish Army / President flag) - Jaaha = okay - Tavoitteena on / objective is... - Nyt meni vähän läpi = couldn't see for the flag - ... your aim is the hill, where enemy snipers shoot at you. -...
  8. Pauli

    COMEDY Security breach stopped

    Many think that Sherlock Holmes is the best detective ever introduced, and many think James Bond is the best secret agent introduced, but woe to you, the smartest is the smart one, Maxwell Smart, code name Agent 86 in the secret service called Control. In constant fight against Chaos he has...
  9. Pauli

    POLITICS Cause of war

    To recall the song by Hector, a main Finnish musician, his interpretation of Donovan's classic, caught me in my thoughts of values. I decided to take out all my references concerning the military. Not that I wouldn't be prepared to defend my family and friends and loved ones, but I somehow...
  10. Pauli

    COMEDY The fall of the Third Reich... Bloodhounds

    A very short excerpt from the BBC comedy series 'Allo 'Allo, showing how things can go wrong even for the most effective military machine in their search for villains = French resistance and British airmen. A comedy making all nations fool... Probably just a folly of mine, this clip, but having...
  11. Pauli

    A word of warning to parents

    I do buy and sell, pure business, and I have this rather rare collection, a promotion pack for a movie about Mannerheim that never made it in the end. But there's unique material in it. I was contacted by a woman, who wanted to buy. It was all adult, "Get from work at 4 O'clock"... After some...
  12. Pauli

    Eino Leino

    Eino Leino was a bit of a Finnish Shakespeare, he modified and even recreated the Finnish language. His use of language is incredible, and most certainly I haven't been able to translate it all. The poem Löysäläisen laulu ~ Song of a drifter, is from early 1920's, after the civil war /...
  13. Pauli

    MUSIC Eva Dahlgren - one of the most beautiful songs ever

    Swedish, actually my native language, living in a bilingual country, is a very beautiful and melodic language. I think Eva has done something tremendous, in Who lights the stars = Vem tänder stjärnorna. Translation mine. Lyrics: Det var evighetssekunder Seconds of eternity Tre korta...
  14. Pauli

    COMEDY You might call it love?

    By Charles M. Schulz
  15. Pauli

    COMEDY Protest song - the prototype

    This is an old, ancient from 1960's, showing a simple protest by a simple man, against a world that is totally against him. Translation is freely mine. Yes well it's the way that there's a lot wrong and boring in this country You don't even need to ask your pals about it Just take a slight...
  16. Pauli

    COMEDY Recycling man

    A small piece of Norwegian humor. Heh. The link seems to work not-all-that well, best if you pause it at start, and wait til it's downloaded completely. And we think it's only a machine...
  17. Pauli

    SATIRE Strange sayings

    All languages and cultures have some strange sayings. In Finland we say, You put your shoes in your foot [singular] - not your shoes on, that is. We also say, Pull your trousers in your foot [singular]. This might be a funny topic? What the heck are Aussies saying? Eh?
  18. Pauli

    ART Irwin Goodman

    He was a foremost Finnish protest singer, might be called our Bob Dylan, lived 1943-1991, his songs were highly forbidden from public broadcast in 60's, when we had Kekkonen in power and Finlandization humming. Anyway, a great type. I've tried to translate one of his songs, about his "drink and...
  19. Pauli

    Reverse engineering?

    What can one say? Kalle & Hobbe is the Swedish name for this comic.
  20. Pauli

    AVAST forum offline due to attack

    I'll give you the whole post; what this incident underlines, in my opinion, is the importance of having individual usernames in each Forum you attend, and creating passwords that are NOT names of family members or pets or such - individual passwords, too. I use Random Password Generator by...