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  1. stueycaster

    Keyboard backlight color won't stay set

    I just got an Asus ROG Zephyrus m15 GU502LU laptop. I like it but it has a problem. I prefer the display shuts off rather than a screen saver. Every time the display opens up the keyboard backlight color reverts to red. I set it to my preferred color and it stays til the next time the display...
  2. stueycaster

    Steven Black Hosts File causing problems

    I was using the Steven Black Hosts File to block malware and Ads. But lately the DNS Client kept activating and using 30 - 50% of my CPU and blocking me from doing anything online. By googling the symptoms of my DNS Client getting stuck like that I found that it can be caused by too large of a...
  3. stueycaster

    Can't access one computer on network

    Up until a couple weeks ago we've been able to network the computers in our house just fine. Lately I can get into his files but he can't get into mine. It always gives the " You don't have permission to access\\said computer" message. It seems like this all started when I had to reinstall...
  4. stueycaster

    Killer Ethernet Controllers suck

    Stay away from the "Rivet Networks - Killer Gigabit Ethernet Controller" card driver. My cousin who lives with me has an Alienware gaming laptop. It was never able to transfer data as fast as my Realtek NIC. His has the Killer NIC. We have crazy fast fiber optic internet here but his could never...
  5. stueycaster

    Fans not working

    Since I've taken up gaming I've been paying particular attention to CPU core percentages and fan speed. I have a Rainmeter Widget that shows bar graphs for the individual cores. I've seen it peg all four cores at 100% for almost 10 minutes during game installation. The fans never came on. I used...
  6. stueycaster

    black screen after rollback

    I did a rollback from my latest Windows Insider build. Afterwards it goes to a black screen after the welcome screen. I can use ctrl/alt/del to get into Task Manager. In there it shows just normal activity. I would think if it was still trying to recover it would show quite a lot of activity. I...
  7. stueycaster

    WIFI not as fast as it should be.

    We just switched to AT&T Fiber Optic internet. We opted for the 1,000 Mbps package since we have several 5g capable devices. In general I get good transfer speeds but the WIFI seems a little slow. Since I have the fast Ethernet this is what I get. I'm wicked happy with this. This is what my...
  8. stueycaster

    Can't adjust Keyboard Backlight Timeout.

    My cousin's computer is a Dell Inspiron i5559 Signature Edition. It came with no software except Windows. The problem is, even though I installed Dell Quickset on it we can't adjust the keyboard backlight timeout. In the Quickset program directory it has BacklitKB.exe. On mine I can use that to...
  9. stueycaster

    remove user from file manager?

    This is on my cousin's computer. It has ESET Smart Security. The Anti-Theft feature creates a phantom user account that alerts ESET if someone tries to log on to it. His wife did. It then alerted him that someone tried to log on to his computer over his phone. The problem is when she logged...
  10. stueycaster

    Unkown device

    After clean installing Windows 10 Home day before yesterday it showed 3 unknown devices in Device Manager. I ran the diagnostics thing at Dell Support and it fixed two of them. Now I don't know how to fix the remaining one. I'd like to just install the driver but I have no idea what it is...
  11. stueycaster

    Migrating Operating System to SSD causes crackling in audio?!?

    I just bought myself a new Dell Inspiron 15 7559. I added a 250 GB SSD then migrated the OS to the SSD and set up the original mechanical drive as storage. This is a great setup. It's fast like crazy. But then a few days later I noticed a short crackling sound that happens about every 5...
  12. stueycaster

    System volume does not contain the required free space

    when I try to install the new beta I get this Error Message. "Setup was unable to use the existing partition because the system volume does not contain the required free space". The System reserved drive shows 14.7 mb free of 100 mb. That does seem pretty full doesn't it? How could I clear some...
  13. stueycaster

    Windows 7 New Malware increases by 73,000 per day

    Link Removed due to 404 Error
  14. stueycaster

    Windows 7 EMET - Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, How should it be set up?

    I guess the first question I should ask is do the experts here at this forum think this thing is worthwhile. It looks like this might be the way of hardening my operating system that I have been thinking I'd like to have. It also looks like it could hinder the operation of a computer. I've...
  15. stueycaster

    Think I fixed cause of BSOD using Reliability Monitor

    Yesterday I had a BSOD. I was looking into doing what I needed to do to ask for help here. Then I thought of trying out the reliability Monitor. It told me that at the time of the incident I had a Video Hardware Error. The computer was running weird. There was nothing I could put my finger on...
  16. stueycaster

    where is the keyboard focus?

    I'm trying to learn keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes I can't see where the focus is. Is there a shortcut to point it out. I haven't been able to find one. :confused:
  17. stueycaster

    What do you think of antivirus comparison sites?

    I was checking out some antivirus comparison sites when I found that my beloved Eset Smart Security has been surpassed by several others lately. Of course this freaked me out. However after some more research it looks like some others catch malware a little better at the expense of slowing down...
  18. stueycaster

    64 bit Flash

    Adobe finally put out a 64 bit version of flash. I hope there wasn't a previous post. How to Make Flash Work in the 64-bit Version of Internet Explorer - How-To Geek
  19. stueycaster

    ESET Smart Security blocked MS Update "KB2286198"

    I had a problem installing the new Microsoft update "KB2286198". I found that "ESET Smart Security" was blocking it from installing. I was able to install it by disabling "Realtime Filesystem Protection". I hope this doesn't become a habit with ESS. Otherwise I'll be looking for another security...
  20. stueycaster

    Good to be back.

    Hi yall. Long time no see. I've been away because of my own issues not because of something here. But I'm going to be back in here from time to time. I missed this place. I hope all my buddies are still here.