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    Name problem

    I entered the following path in my environmental variable: C:\Users\KUNDAN JI\AppData\Local\Programs\Thonny; But it is not recognizing. Is it because of the gap in KUNDAN JI. How to solve the problem?
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    Access Prob

    I have a admin user account which can access all computers on the local n/w. I created another user account (Standard), but it cannot access other computers on the n/w. Why so? How can we solve the prob? I get a message - Log on failure: the user has not been granted logon type at this computer.
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    Accessing Other Computer

    I Have 2 User Accounts on my computer. One is Admin & other is Guest. Admin account can access other computers but Guest cannot. How to make Guest also to access other computers?
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    Screen Shadowing

    When I change the windows in an application traces of the previous window remain for some time. Why is this happening and how can it be corrected?
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    Securing Task Scheduler

    Can we set the Task Scheduler so that it prompts before any task is scheduled? How?
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    Network Sharing

    How to set Windows 7 so that my computer becomes invisible to others on the network, but others computer becomes visible to me?
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    Sticky Notes

    Where can I get Sticky Notes download?
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    Defender Settings

    At times my computer runs slow. I even get message that memory is insufficient. When I copy a file from another computer on the n/w the copying becomes very slow. If I run anti-virus scan it displays no virus found. If I close a Word file and try to delete it I get a message File is open, but I...
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    Copying Slow

    When I Copy a file from another computer on the n/w the copying becomes slow. I can see the progress bar almost stopped for sometime. What can be the reason for this?
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    Short cut

    When I put a shortcut to open a file it works . But when I restart the computer it doesn't work. Why?
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    Comp slow

    Some one has tampered my comp settings. All Progs are running slow. Which settings should I check?
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    N/W comp

    Can I control(i.e. Shutdown or Restart etc.) another comp from my comp.?
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    Windows 7 win32 Programming

    What are the advantages of win32 programming?
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    We have a n/w of 3 computers. The other 2 computers are not seen in my N/w list. What to do?
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    Restrict Copying

    We have a n/w of 3 computers. Can I restrict others from copying a certain file from my computer. How?
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    Copying a File

    When I copy a file from the server the copying process becomes slower and slower until the screen goes off and after some time a message is displayed "Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and has recovered." But the file is copied. What could be the reason for this. We have a N/w of 3 computers.