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  1. OldGuyGeek

    "Your license will expire soon" message

    Are you on an earlier version of Insider Preview? Preview releases eventually expire. What's the version and build number on your system? edited: Sorry just realized you were on 8 and not 10. But if you are on a Windows 8 prerelease, it's pretty much the same story. If you never had an...
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    Windows 10 cant add to favorites bar

    In Edge, if you click on the Favorite icon, a box shows up. If the 'Save in' box says Favorites and If you click on ok, it will store your link there. But Favorites is not the same as Favorites Bar. Change the 'Save in' box to Favorites Bar and it should show up. For more info about Edge and...
  3. OldGuyGeek

    Hide Installed App List In Start Menu

    For those Windows 10 users who don't like the app list in the Start Menu, Microsoft has been listening. In the latest Insider Release (14942) there is now an option to turn the app list on or off. Then, once you have hid the Installed App list, you can toggle it on and off through the Start...
  4. OldGuyGeek

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Not responding, High CPU, slow wireless

    When Windows updated, it probably found a 'newer' wireless driver than what was installed and installed their generic driver. With other components you can simply go into Device Manager, uninstall the device and then let it redetect it and install the latest. But if the wireless connection is...
  5. OldGuyGeek

    recovery media and media creation

    Yes, you can use media creation tool, but download a fresh copy. Also it will not contain the specialized drivers for your system. It will install generic drivers instead. Then your system should eventually check for the correct drivers and automatically install them. It may take a few hours...
  6. OldGuyGeek

    Windows 10 Have they fixed the Windows 10 AU issues?

    True, but my Core2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz is my Insider test machine. Besides running Insider, it has Office installed, MS Accounting (using SQL 2005 which is not supported), IIS 8 web server and SQL 2014 for local web site hosting/testing. The graphic card is an old NVidia 9800 GT I have had a...
  7. OldGuyGeek

    BSOD + Possible hardware damage

    If the last screenshot is of the Biostar screen when your system boots, the Windows drivers have not been loaded yet. Since you already swapped out your PS and GC, it would have to be another hardware part that is causing your problems. I would have to agree with BIGBEARDED and recommend...
  8. OldGuyGeek

    BSOD + Possible hardware damage

    My bad. I didn't see that you had already swapped out your PS and GC.
  9. OldGuyGeek

    Won't install update

    Try this link:
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    Try following the instructions in this KB article from Microsoft.
  11. OldGuyGeek

    No accsess on my portable HDD (when connecting to pc) after I connected HDD to smart TV

    How about a make and model number for your external HD and also for your TV?
  12. OldGuyGeek

    Windows 10 newest update

    SFC sometimes takes multiple run to fix issues, although it's not guaranteed to fix yours. Also, for your start menu have you tried running the Start Menu Troubleshooter? It's available from Microsoft here:
  13. OldGuyGeek

    Windows 10 Have they fixed the Windows 10 AU issues?

    Well, my regular day-to-day system is the I-7 on a P755D Asus Motherboard released somewhere around 2009 but there are no driver releases for Windows 10. No chipset updates, just 8.1 stuff. So yes, it's running just fine, but it is old enough that it's a little surprising that I don't have any...
  14. OldGuyGeek

    Windows 10 Have they fixed the Windows 10 AU issues?

    I'm the second, no problems here. I'm the second on the planet. No problems here.
  15. OldGuyGeek

    Windows 10 Poor Start Screen Design. No option for 4 Columns on Start Screen?

    When you say 4 columns, do you mean like this?
  16. OldGuyGeek

    Use Quick Assist To Remotely Help Even on Windows Home

    Yes, it is limited to a minimum build of Anniversary edition. Not sure if it is 'limited'. As of August 24, 16 1/2 million users had upgraded to Anniversary. I think I read they will have it rolled out to everyone by end of November. Except those who try and block it. So, if you are in the...
  17. OldGuyGeek

    Use Quick Assist To Remotely Help Even on Windows Home

    I saw a tutorial about PSR and it is great for people that don't want you to access their PC, but sometimes you just have to take control of it. It used to be that you needed Remote Desktop and Pro versions of Windows. Then, you could use TeamViewer. But now, Microsoft has quietly added a neat...
  18. OldGuyGeek

    Help! Windows Movie Maker!

    Well, on this forum, use the Best Answer button in the lower right.
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    Windows 10 Have they fixed the Windows 10 AU issues?

    No USB issues here. I have an old Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft. It still connects fine. So does my usb Headphones and I have connected many USB sticks to it and everything works. Oh yeah, my MS Webcam works too. In fact I just downloaded the new NesBox emulator from the store and it...
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    What Brands Of Monitors Are Good

    I have 3 monitors, 2 ASUS and one Acer touchscreen. I love my 27" Asus. I jus got it about 2 months ago and it has a clear, sharp display and great specs for both general text use and gaming. Of course, for gaming there are better. But for the price, it's a great bargain. In fact, I'm...