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  1. Highwayman


    Well, I've been a little busy of late... trying to update my Youtube videos mainly... trying to get all my games up with footage... and takes a while.. eventually I'll start doing voice over reviews or features... for now just refining capture and editing skills... of which I lack...:redface...
  2. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Check out these great deals for PC games.... Game Keys Intkeys are a good reliable keystore for downloadable games on Steam etc, give them a try you won't be unhappy with the prices or the :stars::stars::stars::stars::stars: service
  3. Highwayman

    It's been a while

    It's been a while since I last blogged an update about whats going on... so what's happened since the last? Well swapped onto BT infinity fibre about 4 months ago, so now getting a solid 77mb down and 17mb up speed and úber pings for game servers :p And in the recent we treated myself to a...
  4. Highwayman

    Guild Wars 2

    Well after avoiding the beta builds to avoid spoilers etc for the last 6 months, I finally got my hands on the game a few days after launch (I like to wait 2-3 days for them to fix server issues.... especially after that Diablo 3 fiasco :mad:) and after 4 days of play I'm finding this to live up...
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    This pretty much whistleblows the whole SOPA bullcrap
  6. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Game Save Manager Tool

    Even been annoyed when you reinstall your OS or older games and realise you've lost game saves as they were stored in hidden folders or needed to be linked to Steam/GFWL etc? well this nifty tool does all the hard work for you, it backs up and restores on demand all game saves it finds to zipped...
  7. Highwayman

    Need help finding the cause of this bsod

    Theres the dump files I found from issue, any help would be appreciated as not familour with debugging manually... although trying to study the subject
  8. Highwayman

    More upgrades *sigh*

    Had one of those days again where you get pushed into upgrading something that you want, but didn't really need.... not complaining, but just had to replace my daughter's aging and naff PSU this week, so rather than pop in an average non-brand which is always a false economy, I decided to gift...
  9. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Game Saves Backup/Restore tool

    I was looking into backing up my Steam games then realised that many games in steam save all over the place and steam doesnt add them into backup archives at all, the same goes for many Games for windows live ones... very annoying :waah: Fortunately I came across this very handy tool that scans...
  10. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Team Fortress 2 - Now a free game on STEAM

    That's right as many STEAM users are logging in today they are being greeted with the message that TEAM FORTRESS 2 has been officially converte to a FREEPLAY game with microtransactions, so theres no excuse not to get it if you put off doing so. For the folks who don't know what STEAM is, it's...
  11. Highwayman

    father's day

    Treated myself to a new Steering wheel for father's day (couldn't expect my 4 year old daughter to cough up for, opted for a Logitech Driving Force Gran Turismo force feedback model, to improve my DIRT3 skills and very happy with it. Admittedly I was hoping to get a G25, but not really...
  12. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Codemasters close GRID online servers...

    Codemasters have now closed GRID online servers... but all is not lost, you can still play multiplayer via LAN, but also you can use the LAN mode to play over the internet with friends using a free VPN style app called Tunngle. Works for most LAN capable games too :p Link Removed due to 404 Error
  13. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Dirt 3 - information videos - due 24th May 2011

    The years edition of the great rally racing series has 70% rally stages and 30% of mixed events... sounds like a winner to me.
  14. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Need for Speed : The Run, announced by EA games as Dx10/11 only

    EA announced today the latest title in the Need for Speed series, Need for Speed: The Run. NFS: The Run takes players on a heart-pounding cross-country race from San Francisco to New York. Launching on November 15, Need for Speed The Run lures players into an underground world of...
  15. Highwayman


    "There’s no restrictions on BT’s unlimited broadband packages from April, unless you download over 300GB a month." Just had this drop in my email box from BT, and you know what, it's utter nonsense.... how is anything unlimited if theres a 300gb cap??
  16. Highwayman

    Crysis Engine 3 tech demo VS Unreal 3 engines latest tech demo

    The potential for a realtime movie maker "Sandbox for Cinema" with virtual acting using the new Crysis engine is looking extremely good, think of Garys mod on steriods.... Then just as that blow you the new Unreal 3 engine bladerunner inspired "Samaritan" demo running on 3x Nvidia...
  17. Highwayman

    Windows 7 TOTAL WAR SALE: EMPIRE & NAPOLEON GOTY edition £6 !!!!!!!

    Fricken amazingly low price in the buildup to Shogun 2's release, why not treat yourself to the twin pack with all DLCs included for £6 (Use promo code "VATFREE") Empire and Napoleon Game of the Year Edition (PC) - £7.50 @Direct2Drive - HotUKDeals Comprising the award winning Empire: Total War...
  18. Highwayman

    My rebuild

    Well rebuilt my rig today with a new Midi-Tower that's been out for about a year ago, but caught my eye a few weeks ago with it's Darth Vader styling. The NXZT Hades Comes with quite a lot of features; complete in & out black paint job and matching black screws & assessories, 2x 200mm...
  19. Highwayman

    Windows 7 Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Just figured I'd mention that myself and a few fellow conspirators have leased a dedicated server for Bad Company 2/Vietnam, it's hosted at Multiplay/London as we are are UK based, and currently it's only 20 players but we aim to boost this to 64 in comming months if we get enough donations, you...