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    Cloning Solid stage drive to new SSD, windows 1o pro

    I have windows 10 pro on my laptop. I need to replace the OS drive where win10 is installed. (current solid state drive is Samsung 850 EVO, new drive is Samsung 860 pro, windows 1o pro 64 bit, OS build 19041.746 ) 1) How do Clone my old drive to the new drive ? What do I use to do this...
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    "Infinite" Application Data folders and subfolders

    "Infinite" Application Data folders and subfolders (screen shots attached and/or via WEB links) I have an issue in my "C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data" folder. I believe its loosely called "Infinite" Application Data folders and subfolders C:\Users\All...
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    PC user name is not in the users accounts in control panel

    I have a PC, that has a User name (names changed for security) ...User name ABCD. Groing to the Dir C:\Users I can plainly see a directory ABDCZ (again fake username for security) Other dir under d:\users are the usual that include ABDCZ and the below: All users Default Default user degault...
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    Someone has Remoted into a PC on my network!

    I have an urgent situation. I have several PC at home on a network. I'm lazy so I use Real VNC from one PC, to hit my other PC on the netork (all password protected). I VNC onto one of my PC and noticed the lock/logon screen was up, and a message "The PC is logged on remotly by...
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    Clone, not copy data only drive

    I am running Windows 2012 Server Release 2. The Operating system is on Drive C. My D drive, is pure fact, it is used basically as a network drive, to back up a Windows 8.1 PC on my network. It has NO operating system on it, It just happens to exist on my Windows 2012 box. Its a 1...
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    Internet Explorer is extremely slow

    I'm using Windows 10 latest updates and internet exp. version 11. (exact vestons see screen shots) About 6-8 weeks, internet explorer has become so slow, and hangs up, so often I literally can not use it. simple tasks such as hitting, IE will just hang taking 45-50 seconds...
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    Library is not showing all files it is pointing to

    A while back, I set up a library, on this PC (win 10 pro) to another PC on my network (win 8.1 enterprise) As can be seen I have several libraries, several pointing to the same PC. This is where it gets fuzzy, because I do...
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    Why is my new 3 TB drive only showing 2 TB?

    I bought a 3 TB drive today, to replace my, existing 1 TB drive which was 95% full. This is my "D" drive and is data only, no OS on it. Its actually all my WEB server data, for IIS. (I'm on Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit). My plan was to use Paragon Hard Disk manager and clone my existing 1 TB...
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    Window is randomly freezing up

    I am using the latest version of Windows 10, pro 64 bit. Windws starts normally, however, after I am logged in for a few minutes, checking email, going to a WEB site, Windows "freezes" The mouse will turn into a small spinning circle, as if it is processing something and The icons in the left...
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    Windows 10 Bitdefender pop up error at restart

    Every time I reboot my laptop (windows 10 pro), it does the normal 'restarting' then I get this pop up. If left alone it goes away, and the laptop restarts. The file BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp in is not readable in notepad. Any suggestions on resolving this?
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    Quixxxx.tmp directories on root

    I have all these directories starting with Qui...tmp on one of my laptops. about 20-30 of them, all empty. I get nothing via google. Anyone ever seen this?
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    How to run concurrent batch jobs in task scheduler

    hi, This should be an easy answer. I want to create one scheduled task, it will be called "CLEAR_PHOTOSBYDATE", see attached pic or (approximate example, not literal job...yet) In this task I will have several batch jobs. I know how to set it up to run them consecutively, 1st one runs, the 2nd...