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    JPEG photos not opening

    Hi everyone, I am 70 years old girl :) and have bunch of photos downloaded on my PC Win 10 and all of the sudden some of them throughout my albums are not opening at all. They are all jpg. files. Some of them are opening when I go through the albums I made on my PC but some of them have X on...
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    Win 10 Onedrive

    I do not know anything about OneDrive and I want that all my downloads. mostly pictures, are stored only on mu PC in Download folder taht I akready had, arranged by months etc. I do not want to have OneDtive at all. How do I disable it and still keep already downloaded pics and docs etc on my...
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    External DVD burner

    Hi everybody, I have HP Omen desktop that does not come with DVD burner. So I have to buy external one for my DVD s with pics on it. Nothing big. Not sure which one to but but found this one : VersionTECH. External CD DVD Drive, USB 3.0 Type C Ultra-Slim Superdrive Optical Burner Writer Player...
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    External DVD/CD burner purchase

    Hi there, I bought a new PC HP Omen that does not have DVD/CD drive in it. I have many DVDs and CDs with pictures etc that I made on my old PC. I would like to buy external DVD/CD burner to be able to watch on new PC CDs/DVDs I already have and to be able to burn on DVD/CD pictures that I...
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    No Internet on desktop

    Hi I got a problem today, my desktop has no internet but laptop has it, connected through u-verse gateway and desktop in question. Desktop is Asus and internet worked yesterday.Ethernet shows as enabled . Please help Thanks
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    Touch pad problem W 10

    Hi there, I have an issue with my laptop touch pad. It somehow and sometimes ( pretty often) chooses the item I did not clikc on. Not like changing windos just by hovering but for example I put cursor on e mail and it opens it without clicking and some other items too.You just hover over Trash...
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    Transfer files and pictures

    Hi there, I have to questions please: 1) I would like to check my old desktop and eventually transfer files and photos to working one. I am not very good with computers so please try to use oridinary words :) 2) How can I delete everything from old o desktop and one old laptop as I want to...
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    Do I have to change to Windows 10?

    I have Win 8 and ASUS CM 6330/6630/6730/ 6840 series, cannot find which of these I in fact have.Intel (r) core (TM) i7-3770 CPU, 3.40 GHz , RAM 8.00 Gb, 64 bit. My problem is that on each sign up, lately I am getting alert to switch to Win10 as there no more security downloads for Win8. I know...
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    Windows 8 - defender / malware- PLEASE HEEEELP

    Hello everybody, have a problem. Somehow got and cannot get rid of it. Tried to apply some instructions from internet but cannot log on as Administrator, although I am the only person ever using this computer. Beside that my Defender is off but cannot switch it on, again needs...
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    Flash drive issue

    Hi there, I have flash drive 9Little stick) over 2 years old and had bunch of pictures and documents stored on it. Yesterday I wanted to add some new pictures and could not. It says " Folder is empty" and shows 0 byte used /0 byte available. Where did my files go? Can I recover them or they are...
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    How to start firefox automatically upon win8 logon?

    Hi there, I would like that my Firefox starts automatically after logon . How do I do that? Please be as simple as possible, I am just fairly good in following instructions:)) Thanks and have a good day!
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    Fan very loud

    My Asus desktop's fan works very loud and even when is not working it too noisy. It works almost all the time and desktop is never ever even warm. Anything to be done, it's really too much. It was like that from very begin. Thanks Vesna
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    Flash drive

    I have a pen flash drive with info from old PC. I already used it to transfer pictures to new PC with Win8, but now I cannot. I do not remember how to access it. I plug it into UBS port and... nothing. How do I access/find it in Wind 8? I am not good with computers, please if you can explain it...
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    Taskbar problems

    My taskbar with toolbars: address, desktop, links etc becomes just empty blue space after PC was idle. nothing on it and I have to restart to be able to get it back again. Also. in that "state" I can choose application from Start screen but it does not open. Just show on that empty taskbar...