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    Help, What should I Update?

    Guys, I need help upgrading mi rig. I got 350 bucks, and I can't decide between changing to a quad 9550 (250$) + geforce 9800gt (100$) or going with a radeon 5850 (300$) Personally, i would prefer not to buy the quad, because I want to hop to i7 soon.. The thing that is bothering me, is that my...
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    Help.. BSOD and 4gb ram

    Hi mi fellow 7ers.. yesterday i bought 2 gigs of ram so i have 4 total.. i switched the 1 gb ram for the 2gb.. when i rebooted.. the system only recognized 2.94 gigs even though i got x64 RTM.. and just a couple of secs after.. BSOD!.. and then the ram started to dump stuff in the hard drive...
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    win 7 rc x64 wont detect 4 gb ram

    help again guys.. mi win 7 doesnt detect mi 4gb of ram even though i just installed the 64 bit version clean..
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    Windows 7 Soldier of Fortune Payback

    hi.. well im having some issues with soldier of fortune payback.. I run the game.. and when it loads the game map.. its stutters and crashes.. and when I check the performance tab on the task manager I see that the processor use was at 100 % already tried the compatibility stuff.. I got RC x...