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    Audacity on Ubuntu not seeing mp3

    Wow old thread, but I would install lame. you can install it from the command line. some of the older versions of Audacity used it. sudo apt install lame
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    Microsoft account problem on start up

    Lets Check your update history by searching for windows update select check for updates. scroll down to view update history make sure all installed successfully in the last moth or so. If not this let me know. The MS troubleshooter I send was a link from MS forum. There should be a option on the...
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    XP for an offline computer

    You cant get past the registration its illegal. I assume its does not have a WiFi card or Ethernet port? An old Acer computer is not much to go on for support. BTW its seems to work on windows 10.
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    Microsoft account problem on start up

    Here is a link below for troubleshooting this issue. I suspect that Method 2 will be the one that works. But hey I am wrong at times. Let me know which one does. Link to thread Dave
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    Windows 10 An odd issue

    This issue has been going on now for some time even before I upgraded to the latest windows update. than its stopped but continued. The issue, I have this system monitor to shut off in 10 minutes. This happens and on time. but than the monitor pops back on with no one near it and stays on 1o...
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    Hard drives

    I been in the market for new drives for my win10 system and I have always had WD blue drives but I been eyeing WD black drives. But the reviews of the reliability are mixed on amazon and best buy reviews. I have one older model of the WD black and I going to install it and test it with smart and...
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    Attempting boot from Hard Drive (SSD)

    When I cloned my HDD to a new SSD I used an adopter and had the SDD attached to it and the HDD in the machine. This was thinkpad t520 and no is not windows. but USB power is limted on laptops. SSD use less power. If I had the HDD on the adapter it would not detect the drive cause of the power.
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    Windows 10 build 20H2 printer issue

    Windows is updated and had no issues only took 10 minutes or less.
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    Windows 7 Z390 USB Drivers

    You can go to this link and download driver booster. The motherboards web site only has win 10 build drivers for your motherboard. Driver booster maybe find nothing. If a driver is discovered it may cause the system to unstable keep that in mind. Windows 7 is no longer supported by MS. Driver...
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    Windows 10 build 20H2 printer issue

    I read the link not surprising that a windows update is causing this issue. Looks like MS is trying fix this issue with V4 drivers but some older printers will never have V4 drivers only V3. I backed up all my files so I will install this update reluctantly. Most of the updates had not issues...
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    Windows 10 build 20H2 printer issue

    I have been monitoring this issue I see it was resolved but I can not find what printers were effected by this issue. I am wondering if this would stop my HP5530 from working?
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    C:/users folder

    Thank I am going to close this thread since I have built my new system. I am going to be at some point recycling this system which this thead is about. I understand now that I need to remove avast than perform the commands. I am planning on not creating to many user accounts on the new win10...
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    C:/users folder

    I decided on not worrying about the users on this system I am building a new system soon. The reason I wanted to is cause one user account had a bad folder as I call it and it was in the music folder. Now on my new user account Home. I have a Dave folder with a subfolder has the same issue this...
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    C:/users folder

    after the CACLS I ran this C:\Windows\System32>rmdir /S /Q C:\users\main2 and got this what am I going wrong here? C:\users\main2\AppData\Roaming\AVASTS~1\Avast\Cache\Cache\data_0 - Access is denied. C:\users\main2\AppData\Roaming\AVASTS~1\Avast\Cache\Cache\data_1 - Access is denied...
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    C:/users folder

    Sorry it took so long family maters. I am removing a main2 user directory This command CALCS C:\Users\username/T /E /G user:F Would I type the above like this CACLS C:\users\main2 /T /E /G home:F Do I under stand this part of the command user:F above?
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    C:/users folder

    I wanted to just control the user folder. I do not understand this command. cacls C:\Users\username /T /E /G user:F replace username with the directory name and user with your username. lets see if I do understand I want to remove maint folder so I would type cacls C:\Users\maint /T /E /G...
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    Linux Wayland display server will be on by default in Ubuntu 17.10

    well that has changed now Ubuntu Drops Wayland, Switches back to Xorg - OMG! Ubuntu!
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    C:/users folder

    I been having issues with removing user folders I go the users directory and I right click and want to remove one folder which I deleted the user account from control panel. I get this message which I attached. I been searching for a solution though none so far. Thanks Dave