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    mspaint [From scanner or camera] command greyed out.

    Hello From scanner or camera doesn't seem to be functional for me, the option is grayed out. Does it apply for webcams? The webcam is working fine, I went on tinychat and had it working, it only required a permission in the web browser. Maybe there is a permission I didn't allow?
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    Trouble with MS multimedia keyboard 1.0a (PS/2 connection)

    Hello forum, The keyboard works fine (all keys function) but today some Start+shortcuts have stopped working, some work and some do not. Start+arrows right, left and down work but Start+Up does not. Start+E opens explorer, Start+R does not open Run menu. How could I use all Start shorcuts? * I...
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    Can't connect cooling fan

    I have a plain 80mm fan with MOLEX connector (And an extender) and a motherboard with 3-Pin connector. The two don't connect. What am I missing aside from a brain?
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    Weirdest BSOD I've hard, crashed if the midi-tower is standing straight

    Hello Forums! Yup as the title states, my computer crashes before windows loads unless the midi-tower is on its side and the motherboard is horizontal. My suspests would be memory problems, but I've used memtest.exe on several occations and it never found an error. Also ran chkdsk because I've...
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    Sharing Internet connecting over Ad Hoc by bridging adapters

    [The System: Pc, Windows 7 Ult 64b, Network Card, Regular PPPoE with Modem, Wireless Card, Ipod Touch] Hello Guys I've been trying to set up a shared internet connection by Ad Hoc for my PC and Ipod and came to a stumble. Now the Ad Hoc itself works easily, as I've tested it with a SFTP...