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    Windows 10 An odd issue

    This issue has been going on now for some time even before I upgraded to the latest windows update. than its stopped but continued. The issue, I have this system monitor to shut off in 10 minutes. This happens and on time. but than the monitor pops back on with no one near it and stays on 1o...
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    Hard drives

    I been in the market for new drives for my win10 system and I have always had WD blue drives but I been eyeing WD black drives. But the reviews of the reliability are mixed on amazon and best buy reviews. I have one older model of the WD black and I going to install it and test it with smart and...
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    Windows 10 build 20H2 printer issue

    I have been monitoring this issue I see it was resolved but I can not find what printers were effected by this issue. I am wondering if this would stop my HP5530 from working?
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    C:/users folder

    I been having issues with removing user folders I go the users directory and I right click and want to remove one folder which I deleted the user account from control panel. I get this message which I attached. I been searching for a solution though none so far. Thanks Dave