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  1. Josephur

    Working on new Windows Forum Diagnostic Tool

    Working on a new Windows Forum Diagnostic Tool and would like to know what features you guys would like to see. Basically right now the goal is just to duplicate what it already did. The current planned features are as follows. Grab the following information and zip it up: DXDiag information...
  2. Josephur

    Bitcoin Virus/Malware dissected

    And this is why you always get your driver updates from your computer manufacturer or OEM manufacturer.
  3. Josephur

    Installing Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 15 M5030 laptop (fix for the black screen during setup)

    I've created a video tutorial on how to resolve the black screen during setup issue that will not let Windows 10 install correctly on this laptop.
  4. Josephur

    Starting a MineCraft 1.8.9 Server...

    I'm getting ready to start a MineCraft 1.8.9 Server with MineCraft Forge and the latest bleeding edge mods, is there an interest here of people that wish to join the server? (will be invite only). Cast your vote in the poll, reply with other comments.
  5. Josephur

    Problem with Windows 10 Symbols in windbg?

    So I'm an avid Windows Debugger user, I'm on build 1151 (Version 10.0.10586, or as winver.exe likes to say 10586.14) I downloaded the Win 64 symbols from Microsoft, and set my _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable to the normal shtick "SRV*H:\Symbols*"...
  6. Josephur

    Windows 10 Microsoft Confirms - Windows 10 Free for Insider Program Members

    Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be free for Insiders, even if the machine did not have Windows 7/8/8.1 on it beforehand. Testers will be able to do a fresh installation. "As long as you are running an Insider Preview build and connected with the MSA you used to register, you will...
  7. Josephur

    Insider Preview Windows 10 Build 10147 Install + Review

    Did a simple video (not very technical) on Build 10147.
  8. Josephur

    Insider Preview My Windows 10 Build 10049 Install + Review

    Not too much new in this build except for the new Spartan browser.
  9. Josephur

    Insider Preview Windows 10 Athens

    I'm looking for any sources for Windows 10 Athens as I'm interested in doing a tutorial on getting it up and running on the Raspberry Pi. Anyone? Here's what I've gleamed so far about the Athens build: 1) Microsoft is developing a version of Windows 10 for IoT (Athens) 2) Windows 10 Athens...
  10. Josephur

    Insider Preview My Windows 10 Build 10041 install/review

    I did a brief (hah 2 hours 34 minutes) look at build 10041 on a live Google Hangout. You can view it on YouTube here:
  11. Josephur

    TinyDuino MicroSD TinyShield Tutorial (Model ASD2201)

    New tutorial video I just created for the TinyDuino MicroSD TinyShield Like and Subscribe please, it helps me more than you know!
  12. Josephur

    TinyDuino WiFi TinyShield Tutorial (Model ASD2121)

    Tutorial Video that I just created. Like and Subscribe please, it helps me more than you know!
  13. Josephur

    Guaranteed way to beat Flappy Bird!

    This is the best method, always works.. trust me I tested it myself!
  14. Josephur

    Re-Enable legacy F8 boot to safe option in Windows 8/8.1

    Tired of not being able to get into safe mode easily with Win 8, want to get rid of the Metro boot loader? Start an elevated command prompt and issue the following command: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy If you want to go back to the old boot menu simply revert using: bcdedit...
  15. Josephur

    Fuzzy Text/Icons after upgrading to Windows 8.1? Solution here.

    I had issues with fuzzy text in certain applications and fuzzy icons in notification area immediately after updating to 8.1. I found this was due to 8.1's new "improved" DPI Scaling options and affects many people. I can't help but think that millions of users will possibly be affected by this...
  16. Josephur

    TinyDuino unboxing video

    Just a video I created on the unboxing of the Tinyduino a popular micro controller, figured I would share :)
  17. Josephur

    Hybrid Hard Drive & ReadyBoost

    So I've been using ReadyBoost for a few years now (4GB stick formatted in exFAT file system seems to work nicely). And now I'm upgrading my system to a hybrid hard drive (was going to do SSD but 750GB with 8BG flash cache was cheap as heck compared to SDD). I'm looking for someone with real...
  18. Josephur

    I wanna be an Engineer so freakin bad..

    Funny ****, cool as hell geek :D I want to be an Engineer Lyrical Engineer