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    Does Sfc /scannow append new entries to CBS.Log?

    I believe Josephur is correct. The SFC command log file function is built on the same model used by Windows for generating Crash Dumps (mini-dumps), and most of the Event Viewer log files such as System log, Application log, and Security log also work the same way. Microsoft wants to give you...

    date to buy

    Hi Peter, This topic was a discussion on my weekly tech conference call with the East Coast; and EOL dates were discussed. This appears to be right as I've heard both 2020 and 2021 on the Microsoft Insider Hub newsletter E-mails I get regularly as a long-time tester of W10 (3 yrs. next month)...

    Unable to copy files/format External HDs

    @Akito: Sorry bro', I'll have to disagree with you there; as I've had many many drives lose data after making ANY changes to a faulty hard drive with diskpart or any other utility that touches the HDD. BBJ

    Windows 10 Seriously need help with re-activation of Windows 10 Home.

    Nah, I've called them hundreds of times over several decades for this kind of thing.:) Microsoft support is VERY helpful, and they'll do their absolute best to help you. This is even true in many countries outside the US around the world, as I've gotten feedback on this forum (WF) and 4 other...

    What is this program ? didn't intend for this program to run on your computer? Yes or No? I am confused here. Are you trying to get a program that you don't know about to run correctly? Or are you trying to remove it? If you didn't install it, and you don't know what it is and neither do we; I suggest...

    How do things like malware, spyware and trojans get onto computer?

    Very complete explanation, Neem. :up: Couldn't have said it better myself.:D <<BIGBEARJEDI>>

    Configure firewall windows xp pro sp3

    I concur with Neemo on this one. Not connecting to the Internet at all with this machine is going to be a lot easier than trying to configure either a software firewall from Norton or someone else, or a hardware firewall like a modem/router combo unit or Wi-Fi router, which takes much more...

    Bejejwed 3 stopped runing after latest win update.

    What do you mean by "diagnostically tested"? Which diagnostics did you run? And if you used diagnostics provided internally by your PC manufacturer (HP), they are neither reliable nor conclusive. Professional Computer techs do NOT rely on these at all. You must run full hardware testing on...

    Unable to copy files/format External HDs

    You're welcome. :) That's quite an oversimplification; but you need to CHECK them each first, and when plugging them into your W10 laptop, you need to CHECK each one again. You also didn't tell us the size of any or even all of these drives. Are any 3TB or larger? (2nd time I'm asking this)...

    Unable to copy files/format External HDs

    Additionally, you might consider removing those usb drives from your computer temporarily and checking them on a friend's computer or one at your school or work (make sure there is nothing bad on there first, like viruses!). If you can drag & drop files between that other computer and your...

    Bejejwed 3 stopped runing after latest win update.

    That's unfortunate. :( Did you try my repair methods, mostly the power-cycle of your equipment and the System Restore?? I don't play that game as I said; have you tried taking your computer to a friend or neighbor's home and plugged into their Internet and tested it? If BJ'd works there, then...

    Windows 10 Using a VPN on Win10? Prevent Info Leakage

    Hi Chris, Thanks for posting this. For many of our average users, they are probably not ready for using VPN. I still have a project to test them out for next year and do a presentation on them. I use the very expensive ones on the market from places like Cisco & SonicWALL for my business...

    Windows 10 Windows to Go-boot problem

    Where did you get the W10 ISO file from? I mean what website, exactly? Some ISO file sources are better than others, compatibility-wise. It's always best to use the MCT tool from the Microsoft site. Also, as Neem points out, newer computers with protected BIOSes need to be changed...

    Two Windows log on accounts

    Hi John, You are missing some important information about how accounts work in W10. I'll be happy to explain it a bit more for you. Neem's on the right track though. But first, we have some important questions for you: 1.) Are you the original owner of this computer? 2.) Did you setup the...

    What is this program ?

    I've not hear of it either. I would check your Programs and Features applet and see if that program shows installed. If it is installed, and you didn't remember to temporarily disable your AV program when you did this, it might only be partially installed and that's why it's failing to run...

    Bejejwed 3 stopped runing after latest win update.

    Hi, and thanks for getting back with your W10 version. That's not the full version and build # as per instructions; but that's close enough. There have been about 5 build updates since v1703 came out (April 2017). It could have been one of those. Microsoft puts out weekly "push" updates...

    Every online solution is gone useless

    Pretty much all network problems on W7 and newer computers can be fixed by following steps outlined in this post I did last month (July 15th) for another forum user experiencing difficulties on his home network available here, take a look: NAS not present i Network list As I mention in that...

    Bejejwed 3 stopped runing after latest win update.

    What EXACTLY is your version of W10 please? Make/Model of your computer would also be helpful. If you don't know how to check your W10 version, take a look here: How to Find Out Which Build and Version of Windows 10 You Have And post back your version here. Also is the BEJEWELED app you are...

    Flash Player Update

    Wow! :eek: Interesting, I hadn't heard that Adobe Flash was going away in a few years. Thanks for posting this kemical!!:up: BBJ