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    Xbox One

    Hello , has anyone got an Xbox One . I was looking at Xbox Wireless Controller . It seem's a fair price are they any good , game wise etc . Or do you have to sign on at some website , where it cost's you lot's of money every month . Thank you . Looking at the description i don't know if it is...
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    Microsoft News

    Hello all , how do i get rid Microsoft News , i think that's what it is . It's down on the bottom right of the screen just before show hidden icon's . Thank you very much .
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    Possible Virus

    How do i get rid o a virus , i downloaded internet download manager last night . Don't know where from i think it said registed to something or other , i'v since uninstalled it and repaced with a free version .I erased the file , now i get photo,s of mcafee anti-virus als other photo's i think...
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    Wi-Fi Adapter

    When i used to loose internet connection , now it takes 10 mins or more to print an A4 photo . Do you think this is because i need a new Wi-Fi Adapter , it's been there about 4 years now . I don't know what make it is i bought it in Asda about 4 years ago . Even when i try the Wi-Fi Adapter in...
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    Back in my old drive

    I.m back in my old drive where i was getting the message undoing changes made to your computer . What do i do to fix the problem . Uninstall updates what ?. I don't know how i got here . I downloaded disk genius v5 , i put it in the cd drive . And thought i'd give it a go , first try i got...
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    Re-install windows 10

    I tried to install windows 10 on my hard drive ( i had to wipe everything ) .I used my dvd as normal , i got i could not load on that for one reason or another and left it . this morning i tried a usb to see if it would load , it started to install . The trouble is it has firefox as the option ...
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    New Power Supply

    I built my own PC watching someone on youtube , he used a power supply 650w . That was 4 yrs ago now , if i replaced the power supply with something likeA Corsair 1000 Watt RMx Fully Modular RM1000X ATX PSU/Power Supply . Would everything still work alright . ( taking the side off and checking...
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    BSOD don't know why

    I,v had a few Blue screens of death lately . The first one happened when i tried to move a video screen ( I was watching a video ) . I thought that may have caused it because i did'nt move the screen properly . I tried to update window's earlier today , that was on ages and ended up with a...
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    Wire less HDMI

    Looking at an earlier thread on the forum . I have a blu-ray player and large flat screen tv , both make are LG .I bought both in Dec last year ,the person who delivered them set them up . There is a HDMI cable in the blu-ray player , the tv is 60 inche,s .So i don't want to start messing with...
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    Whats new wont update

    Whats new is not showing that I replied to my latest thread , it also says that there is only 1 reply . I replied myself earlier this morning .
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    Photoshop CS6 Dynamic Link not available .

    When i try to edit a video in Photoshop i get dynamic link is not availiable . I tried a website that had Fix the missing Dynamiclink.dll error automatically . I downloaded the item and i got PCRepair ,it ran and gave me a lot of items that wanted fixing . Is it worth it ( you have to register )...
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    DVD Covers

    Why have my Dvd covers returned to a lower size . I use RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker to make them in the dvd format , they usualy end up about 4mb for the fronts and 700 kb for the labels . I tried to print some for a niece and some have gone back to 200 kbs for the fronts . The labels are a...
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    New Drive

    When i tried to load my new harddrive this morning , it was on ages with the windows 10 logo flashing on and off . Before the computer turned itself off . I'm on the old drive at the moment . When i go into settings both drives are listed ,also in Disk Management both drives are shown . ( i...
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    Compatibility report:

    When i try to install Windows 10 Pro on a 8GB hard-drive , i get the following message .It says; Compatibility report: The computer started using the windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that windows starts normally. Then, insert the installation...
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    My internet connction keeps going off , it happens lots of times everyday lately . All the connections seem to be in right . Can someone please help me .
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    Email keeping sending to my own adress

    Hello When I try to post an image in an email to a certain address , the Email keeping sending to my own address . How can I get it to send to the email address I want it to go .
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    How to reduce a video in Nero 2018

    Hello all , could someone please help me with this . It happens in Nero 2018 Platinum . When I try to burn A Blu-ray or Dvd disc , some times i get a message saying Reduce the encoding quality of your project automatically , i click yes and the project shortens so i can burn the video . Other...
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    Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Morning all , I bought an edition of Adobe Photoshop CS6 , what I downloaded . I was going to try and make my own Dvd covers and Dvd labels . I was watching someone on YouTube , he had a circle on his version mine does not . Does anyone know where its based or is mine missing .There are 2...
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    Language Converter

    Hello , Does anyone know of a good Language Converter , a tool to change one audio to another . Thank you .
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    Hello , can somebody please give me some help or advice on how to make High Definaion photo's . A website i use for movie covers , usually has movie fronts in JPG fomat 4.61 MB one 5.41 MB and i think one cover was over 6 MB . Mine ( i take a photo using the snipping tool ) are usually about...