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    Drives C+D GONE, not accessible, but boots...permissions

    If the master boot record becomes corrupt you will lose access to your drives sometimes. I don't know how to fix it I just know it has happened to me before with the same symptoms you are talkimg about.
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    Drives C+D GONE, not accessible, but boots...permissions

    Sounds like a corrupt MBR (master boot record)
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    Upgrade file location

    Where do you get the latest build's of windows7?
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    Default Sound hardware is changed by Windows7 each time I reboot

    Each time I startup my computer my default sound device gets changed by Windows. I have a usb headset for gaming which is only used by a couple of programs and my default audio device is supposed to be my sound blaster audigy sound card. I set it to default everytime I boot up but if I shut down...
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    Windows 7 List of working game - W7 (64 bit)

    ARCA Sim racing works great with the new update system
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    4 Important reasons why I'm going back to Vista

    Punkbuster is working for a very few select games and they will not support a beta OS. I play BF2 and it does not work on windows7. The only game I have heard of that works with punkbuster is COD WAR.
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    IE broken, Windows Mail gone-any ideas???

    Yeah, there are NO e-mail clients included with windows7
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    Non-Working Programs

    Battlfield 2, Battlfield 2142, Call of Duty 4 cannot be played in multiplayer on punkbuster servers.......Evenbalance acknowledeges the incompatibilty with Windows 7 but refuses to fix the problem untill the retail release of Windows 7. Doesnt make much sense but I guess they want to wait until...
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    Will Microsoft regularly release updates to Windows 7 Beta ?

    I turned my computer on this morning and it did some kind of windows update while booting up. KB961367