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    i have a F5D7050 wireless usb and i have windows build 7264 x64 and i'm looking for a driver can anyone help
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    How do you activate Windows Seven Build 6956
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    Networking Connectivity

    hey I got Windows 7 see to see Xp by actually copying the shortucts of the folders that were shared into a flash drive and copied them to my desktop and I automatically went in. I did this on 32-bit version, i do not know if it'll work on 64-bit
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    Networking Connectivity

    Hey i just installed the 64-bit version of windows 7 build 6801 and it's been good so far but now I have one hassle that's killing me. How do I view 32-bit computers on my network, it's not working. I got a computer running XP SP3 and a Vista but they don not come up at all in my network places.