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    Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian snapped wearing same dress

    Oops! I wore it again… should be Britney Spears's reworked lyrics after she committed one of the biggest crimes against fashion. She was slated for donning the same red zig-zag dress that reality star Kim Kardashian wore out in public only a night earlier. The 29-year-old singer was...
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    May 2011

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    The Man Who Thinks He Can

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    To Be Or Not To Be - Hitler Rap

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    Message in a Bottle

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    A Caltech whiz kid finds her way to Intel

    When graduating senior Michelle Jiang visited a job fair in Florida last year, recruiters were chasing her down. Literally. After dropping off a resume at the booth for Johnson Controls, a maker of heating, air-conditioning and power solutions, the next day the company's recruiter ran up to...
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    Seven Stunning Hybrid Creatures

    Nature has always been prepared to mix and match, seeking out the best qualities in a species to pass on to future generations. It sometimes happens that creatures which belong to the same genre families come into contact, though rarely, and manage to successfully breed. The results of such...
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    IMAGES New tactics for Fukushima after setback

    Japanese officials are readying a new approach to stabilizing a reactor at a nuclear plant crippled by an earthquake and tsunami after discovering a leak from the containment vessel of enough radioactive water to fill an Olympic swimming pool. The discovery has forced officials to abandon...
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    [SOPHOS] The 2011 #DecoDeme challenge - the final, official version

    The final, conference-ready code for the #decodeme challenge is here. Each year, at the AusCERT conference, Sophos publishes a challenge in the form of a T-shirt. Visit the Sophos stand and you can pick up a T-shirt for yourself. Solve the challenge and you're on your way to winning a remote...
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    Yahoo vs Alibaba

    Relations between Yahoo! and Alibaba have been rocky for some time but Bartz gave Alibaba's Ma a vote of confidence in September saying Yahoo! is "very supportive of the operational direction Jack Ma and his team are taking the group." Link Removed due to 404 Error Yahoo! shares extended...
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    Led Zeppelin

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    ☛ An'Nothing Else Matters ✓

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    IMAGES Man smuggles a bear, baby monkeys, leopards and panthers in luggage

    A first-class passenger in Thailand was arrested after airport authorities found his suitcases were packed with a 'virtual zoo' of baby leopards, panthers, a bear and monkeys. The guy had a virtual zoo in his suitcases The 36-year-old man, a United Arab Emirates citizen, was bound for...
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    I'm back

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    Axis 64

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    [BitBox] The World's Safest Browser

    There is no such thing as an entirely secure browser. Let's be realistic: You will always need a good portion of common sense and Internet smarts to avoid nasty attacks hijacks. However, if you are paranoid about security, there is one browser that will reliably protect you from virtually...
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    What Causes Snoring?