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  1. JeronStevens

    Fresh install of windows on new computer?

    I'm building a new computer, ill make this question quick. Should I install a fresh copy of windows on my SSD that I'm reusing from my old computer, or just let it be? Should I wipe the drive completely and redownload everything? I know it doesn't really make a difference, but since I'm using...
  2. JeronStevens

    SSD random 100% disk usage/freezes

    Hey guys, I'm back here again for some help, seems like I have some sort of issue every few months. I have a 500Gb Samsung 860 EVO, and randomly (2-10) times an hour it will be at 100% usage and my computer freezes (anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes). When I say freezes, I mean I can still...
  3. JeronStevens

    Computer having troubles starting up and shutting down.

    My computer has been acting up the past few months and I've fixed a lot of problems already, from constant freezing to not booting. About two weeks ago my computer hasn't been shutting down correctly. When I choose shut down, it shuts down, but a few seconds after being off, it restarts. About...
  4. JeronStevens

    How to tell if my new ram is working

    I installed a second stick of DDR3 1x8gb in my system. I opened up task manager and it detects 16gb of ram, but it only shows 8gb in use. Is this normal, or do I have to allow my computer to use all 16gb? Thank you
  5. JeronStevens


    I have been trying to run Windows Memory Diagnostic, but after launching and restarting my computer I get a crash screen. It states that I'm missing my memetest.efi file. Upon doing scans and trying to repair, I realized that I do have the file. Bit in the crash it says the location is...
  6. JeronStevens

    Computer freezes, hardware issue?

    For a while now my computer has been freezing up, quite odd freezes as well. I can move my mouse, and interact with some objects, but i cant do things such as open folders/files/start menu. If i have a browser open, i can still scroll on the page, but if i click on anything it wont load. its...
  7. JeronStevens

    Freezes and five beeps

    I recently changed my Hard drive for a SSD, and today ive gotten multiple freezes, the computer is unresponsive and all audio stops for about a minute. There is no logs in the event viewer either. This last time, everything froze, but i was still able to move my mouse, but it was extremely...
  8. JeronStevens

    Monitor troubles

    Hello, I recently got a new monitor. Before i was using two monitors as extended desktop, i was able to replace my main monitor with my new one, and all worked well. Upon restarting my computer, only my new main monitor works, and the restitution changes to the minimum, my secondary monitor...