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  1. alfred01


    I'm using the cdex software (Thanks again nmsuk) for converting CD into MP3 but am unable too find the correct method for finding album info and song title. I was told I could get the song titles from freedb. Can someone help me with this as I am old and not very bright and can't figure this...
  2. alfred01

    How to Fix Window's Media Player

    Hello all, I'm trying to load about 30 CD's on my WMP but every time I open WMP and then put a CD into the disk drive, I automatically get an error notice that WMP won't be able too rip some of the files and then I can't get any further. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks :)
  3. alfred01

    Laptop Password

    I have forgotten the password to log on to my laptop. Does anyone know how to bypass this password?
  4. alfred01

    Amy Winehouse Dies From Detox??

    First let me say I am not a Doctor. Second, I am a recovering addict who went through hell when I got clean and at times wanted to die. The family of Amy Winehouse thinks she died from getting off drugs and alcohol. I don't think this is possible. Dying from detox? I'd like to hear your opinion.
  5. alfred01

    Windows 7 Duke Nukem 3D Atomic

    Hi. If you've played Duke Nukem 3D Atomic then I'm hoping you'll be able to answer a question for me. Is the keyboard configuration for action's like walking changable or is it fixed? For example, can I change from using the arrow keys to go forward and back to pressing the A key to go forward...
  6. alfred01

    Who's That Girl?

    Well it's actually more like who's that woman? This is a video of Peter Frampton from 2008 (i wouldn't have known him if I passed him on the street) performing his most famous track, "Show me the Way". Now, to his left are 2 ladies performing back-up (the best word I can come up with to describe...
  7. alfred01

    Migrate Music Files

    Hello dudes and dudettes. If I have all my music in the file My Music, can someone tell me an easy way to get these files to migrate to Windows Media Player or do I have to do it one file at a time? Thanks for any help! David
  8. alfred01

    Can I Use My Back-up?

    Hello. I used the back-up utility of Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit and backed up my Acer Aspire. My Acer had an unfortunate accident(!) and is now dead (rest in peace you useless piece of...). I am now going to get a Toshiba and I'm not sure if I can use the back-up created from the Acer to...
  9. alfred01

    Does Anyone Know Anything About Running A DOS Game?

    Aloha. I have a game called Descent which is an old DOS game. I was able to play it on my last notebook which was running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and it ran without problem. Well, let's just say that notebook doesn't work anymore and so I loaded it (the game) onto my new notebook, d/l...
  10. alfred01

    Do You Use Windows 7 Back-Up?

    Hello. I was just wondering if you use the built-in Windows 7 back-up utility and what you think of it. I don't know much about computers and need something to use for back-up that kinda does it itself. I don't even know if that's an accurate description of Windows 7 back-up. Thanks to anyone...
  11. alfred01

    How Do YOU Back-up?

    Hi. I want to start backing up my system so I don't have to spend a day reinstalling all my programs if I have to reinstall my O/S (like I've had to do :mad: twice this week). I was hoping I could get some advice from people who know computers better than I (basically everyone). I know some...
  12. alfred01

    Brain Teaser

    This is just a little game some might enjoy. I'm going to give you a riddle and the first person to solve it has to, well you don't HAVE to, but it would be nice if the person who guessed correctly puts up their own riddle. Here goes. I am usually seen at night but sometimes during the day. I...
  13. alfred01

    System Restore

    Hello. I am trying to run a System Restore but have a problem I think with the ZoneAlarm firewall I am using. I also use Avast anti-virus, the free one, and Malwarebytes. I can disable the Avast, and I right click the ZoneAlarm symbol and select shutdown ZoneAlarm, then go ahead with my System...
  14. alfred01

    Problem With Sounds

    Hello. I'm having a problem with the assigned sounds for various functions. In the Control Panel I select Sounds and have assigned vaious sounds for things like empty recycle bin, log off and so on. I have also assigned a sound for when I receive a new email. All of these sounds are functioning...
  15. alfred01

    What Virus Protection Do You Use?

    Hello. I'm wondering what you think is the best anti-virus software. Right now I am using one of the more popular brands but am not very happy with it. I have found twice now that this software package not only didn't stop a virus but didn't even detect it when I did a full system scan. Could...
  16. alfred01

    Flash Drive Password

    Hello. I was just wondering if someone could tell me if it is possible to make a flash drive password protected or is it just the one's that already have the software installed when you buy them for a password? Thank You. And for the first person with the correct answer, an all expense...
  17. alfred01

    Congratulation's On Your ?th Post

    Congrat's Richard on your 100th post. Sorry to all the people I've missed, but I've only been here a week. If you know someone who's coming up on a signifigant post, anything from 100 -100,000 then kindly leave me a message Link Removed - Invalid URL so I may keep my eye on them. But...
  18. alfred01

    Visitor Message Problem

    I am currently having problems with deleting vistor messages. I have done a search and checked tutorials but could not find any similar problems, except mine. Could someone tell me how to report this problem and to whom? Or point me in the right direction to find the answer? Thanks, David
  19. alfred01

    Know a Good Oxymoron?

    Got a good oxymoron? There are many when you think about it. Tell us one of your favorites. I'll start with the obvious one. JUMBO SHRIMP (not yelling)
  20. alfred01

    Rules and Regulations

    I can't seem to find a list of the rules and regulations for this forum. Could someone point me in the right direction please? Thank You