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  1. UKAspie

    DirectX VertexShader 2.0 is not supported

    After the latest huge pile of Windows Updates I get this error message when I try to run a game that was previously working. I've re-installed DirectX and the driver for the graphics card - not change. Is it possible to roll back to a working version of DirectX?
  2. UKAspie

    One computer won't talk to the others

    Three Windows computers on the LAN. Internet upgrade requiring new router. All three have Internet access, two can talk to each other but the third can't see the two and they can't see it. Any ideas?
  3. UKAspie

    Forced restart at 2:55

    This is a variant of "Windows 10 won't stay in Hibernation". I've unchecked any tasks with "Wake the computer to perform this task" and in any case there is nothing scheduled for 02:55 and 14:55. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. UKAspie

    Lost Partitions

    I installed W-XP on a PATA drive, then 'upgraded' to W-7 on a SATA drive. Unfortunately it seems to have installed part of W-7 on the PATA drive so I can't remove it. I adjusted the partitions on the PATA and all partitions on the SATA apart from the first vanished. They are visible in "Disk...