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  1. serverguy

    possible to setup sftp on a different port? windows server 2016

    i have several vms on my server, i am tired of changing the ip in my router to port forward so i can ftp and upload files on my servers, one of them(linux) is already configured to use port 22 for sftp, so i can upload files to that vm server the other vm server is windows 2016, i was...
  2. serverguy

    2 windows10 computers, 1 microsoft email account, use 1 account on both?

    microsoft always asks me to sign into my microsoft account and stop using a local account to sign in, i've been thinking about doing that a long time ago but, i have 2 desktops, one that i use for gaming and mining, and then other one i use just to surf the internet watch movies, the...
  3. serverguy

    Are there any Free Online Windows Server Course?

    Im looking to improve my windows server skills, i found some linux courses online on netcad but there are no windows courses there, I can't find them online, maybe i am not looking in the right place, can someone send me a link to a website where i can take free courses for windows server
  4. serverguy

    Best Free Webcam Security Software

    I bought a usb camera with night vision and installed it outside my door. What's the best free webcam security software that i can install. im looking for it to record 24/7 in loop, or even motion detector,
  5. serverguy

    migrate license to ssd not working

    i have windows 10(free upgrade from 7) on my computer/ old hard drive, it is fully activated, i installed a program to extract my license i bought a new hard drive, its an SSD, its much much faster so i downloaded windows 10 and installed it on the ssd, then i put in my windows 10 key but it...
  6. serverguy

    sfc /scannow unable to fix some of the corrupt files

    I reinstalled my windows from a Recovery Cd, and i ran sfc /scannow But it fails and i am worried something is wrong with my windows, It says "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them Details are included in the CBS.Log windir/Logs/CBS/CBS.log. For...
  7. serverguy

    How does a Recovery CD Work

    I bought a computer couple years ago, and completely wiped it, i installed linux to try it and test it i bought the computer off amazon, as far as i remember, it came with windows 7 professional, it has one of the Microsoft stickers on it with the product key still on it, it also came with a...
  8. serverguy

    Windows 7 2 Identical Laptops - 1 missing a driver

    This is the situation. I have to identical laptops bought at the same time. I was looking in the device manager today and one of my laptops is missing a driver but the other one has it. Is there a quick and easy way to copy the driver from laptop1, put it on usb and then install it on...
  9. serverguy

    Desktop Keeps Restarting - Windows Server2008

    I have been playing with windows server 2008 for about 2 months now, or less, I installed it on an old computer. It has been running fine up until now. I has developed a problem. It keeps rebooting and i am unable to get inside the OS. It starts up and at the windows logo it reboots itself...
  10. serverguy

    Website is slow, most times "waiting for "url" "

    Hello, I recently setup a new server with a website, so i can learn windows server 2008 I am using a desktop computer, it's a quad core 8 gig of ram, I've used xampp before on this computer and the website runs fast, I also had the website on my ovh dedicated server online and it runs fast...
  11. serverguy

    How to import mysql database in phpmyadmin - windows server 2008

    I am playing around with windows server 2008 and learning how to use it. Just a hobby on weekends. I was able to successfully install: php, mysql & phpmyadmin Now the problem is i'm trying to import a database into phpmyadmin, the database is 42.6mb therefore i am unable to import...