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  1. nesoor

    Headset and speakers

    Just to make sure, did you already tried to enable "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices" in the Playback Devices?
  2. nesoor

    Geen geluid na update Windows 8

    Ik denk wat Kemical zegt is het beste. Gewoon even de geluids driver opnieuw installeren van je laptop. Als je niet weet welke driver je moet downloaden kun je bij "Start" in de zoekbalk "dxdiag" in typen, er zal dan een venster openen met jou laptop gegevens. Als je het systeemmodel...
  3. nesoor

    VIDEO Windows 10 Build 10041 Install + Review

    It's fine me by me cause Windows 10 is cool :up: Can't wait for the release!
  4. nesoor

    Is there a good windows cleaning utility?

    You have a point there. The problem is that not everybody knows that it's good to download a third party cleanup software. There is so many cleanup software out there which claims to clean more than others. Tell me if i'm wrong but is Ccleaner not enough and if it is why wouldn't Microsoft...
  5. nesoor

    Is there a good windows cleaning utility?

    Hey Patcooke, After all these years of Windows development, Windows has just a Disk Cleanup? Is this because we don't really need cleanup utilities or was Microsoft just to lazy to create a good maintenance tool?
  6. nesoor

    Is there a good windows cleaning utility?

    Hey Windowsforum memebers! I am looking for a Microsoft Windows cleaning utility. Not something like Ccleaner, but sort of a window with all the cleaning tools which are from Microsoft Windows itself.