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  1. brkkab

    New buíld startes

    Started getting parts for my new PC So far I have 1.AMD Ryzen 5800X 2 ÀSUS TUF Gaming X570 Pro Wi-Fi 3.G_Skill Trident Z Neo DDR3 3600 64GBs 4.Lian-Li ST120 càse fans 9 total Still left aré 2 1tb m.2 ssd's, a hdd, a RTX 3080or RX6800 XT,a 1440 P144hz monitor, LogitechZ906speakers, a 1000 watt...
  2. brkkab

    U.S. Citizen's read this pronto, if you're over 18!!!!

    This election day select "None of the above" for every candidate. Now, the Republican Party has it setup to where Medicare no longer cover's Lantus Insulin for Diabetics. They obviously want us diabetics to die, but only after we vote for them first. The current Democrat party is idiot ridden...
  3. brkkab

    Weird Command Prompt Text Color/Visibility Issue

    I'm having issues seeing the text in the Administrative Command Prompt. I haven't messed with it on my pc. The regular Command Prompt looks fine. In my screenshot of both the regular Command Prompt is on the left side and the Administrative Comman Prompt is on the right side. Thanks for any help...
  4. brkkab

    Firefox, Chrome & Opera help needed

    Does anyone hace any good about:config tweaks for speeding up Firefox, Chrome & Opera??? Unsure if the one's I know still work, as their anywhere from 5-7 years old now. Thank's for any help.
  5. brkkab

    Weird Edge issue since Wednesday night

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a Edge issue that pooped up as of Wednesday. Everytime I open Edge I get a error message on the desktop no matter what. I pasted a screenshot of the error message and one of all Microsoft Store updates I have. No other new software has been insralled...
  6. brkkab

    needs windows 7 x 64 iso link

    I need a link for windows 7 x 64 iso to upgrade my brothers laptop from windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit.
  7. brkkab

    Anyone else having issues with Edge ????

    I'm curious if anyone else besides me has been having issues with Edge, since last night? For me all of a sudden as of last night when I open Edge it loads and then crashes/disappears from the desktop where it was opened at. No homepage loading or anything, just a almost immediate crash. I look...
  8. brkkab

    Fanatical releases Fanatical Assistant Extension for Firefox & Chrome

    Today Fanatical released the Fanatical Assistant extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. It also works in Opera if you have Install Chrome Extensions extension installed already.
  9. brkkab

    Bitdefender released it's products for 2019 today.

    Bitdefender released it's 2019 product line today. Here's the links for all the Windows based Bitdefender products. Bitdefender Total Security 2019 - Anti Malware Software https https://://
  10. brkkab

    Google Chrome & Opera now work with Windows 10's Timeline

    I just read a article at the following link. Now you can add Windows Timeline support to Google Chrome with this new extension | On MSFT There's a beta extension for Google Chrome that makes it work with Windows 10's Timeline. I decided to also try it in Opera with the Get extensions for Google...
  11. brkkab

    Is there any way to uninstall Windows Sonic special sound ??????

    Does anyone know if we can uninstall Windows Sonic special sound and Dolby Atmos for for headphones ? A; I don't use headphones and most likely never will. B: I have 5.1 speakers hooked to my PC. C; My motherboards Asus Sonic Studio & Sonic Radar have me covered even if I got headphones and...
  12. brkkab

    Stay away from S5Mark VPN it's a rootkit really

    PC World just posted a article where Bitdefender found S5Mark VPN to actually be a rootkit and not a VPN. Article link : S5Mark is a 'VPN' that is actually a rootkit in disguise, BitDefender says
  13. brkkab

    ***Important FBI warns to restart your router immediately !***

    Ars Technica just posted a article about the FBI stating for people & businesses to restart their routers, modems, etc. immediately to avoid a ongoing Russia hack. Article link : FBI tells router users to reboot now to kill malware infecting 500k devices
  14. brkkab

    We're losing Secunia Personal Software Inspector next month

    Apparently we're losing Secunia Personal Software Inspector next month. It apparently stops working on April 20, 2018. See the screenshot I just made of it below.
  15. brkkab

    Microsoft's Windows 10 S Joke of the Year !!!!!!

    Appqrently Microsoft thinks all us Windows 10 user's want Windows 10 S more than Windows 10 and our desktop programs/software that work's better, might I add much better than any of Microsoft's Modern App's. Funny article to prove this Microsoft lame claim. Microsoft expects the 'majority of...
  16. brkkab

    Windows Central has a article on getting Cortana to do custom commands.

    Article link: How to get Cortana to perform custom tasks on Windows 10
  17. brkkab

    Need help with racing wheel game settings

    I just ordered a Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing wheel this morning and should have it next Wednesday or Thursday. I also already have the Logitech Driving Force Shifter to go with it. I was hoping someone could give me some optimal settings in-game or in the Logitech Gaming Software for the...
  18. brkkab

    Make Use OF posted a must read malware removal guide

    Make Use Of just posted a must-read article titled "The Complete Malware Removal Guide". It has a lot ofinformation in it. Article link: The Complete Malware Removal Guide
  19. brkkab


    Game Sessions just made Painkiller Hell and Damnation free at the following link. Play the hit PC game Painkiller Hell & Damnation for free Just create a Game Sessions account, play the game for 5 minutes and it's yours forever.
  20. brkkab

    Microsoft Is giving Away Free Ebooks/Documents......

    I just found out through WindowsBBS that Microsoft is guving away free Ebooks/Documents on Windows, Office, Office 365. It's pretty much everything, check out the link and download what you want for free. Link: Largest FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway! I’m Giving Away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft...