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    Outlook 2019 and gmail stop working

    Outlook stopped working with gmail and it will not allow me to set up the account. Any special settings that is currently working ? I am using it for cctv pictures 2019
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    MAC address restriction and wi fi booster

    I am using mac address to recogonize my network wi fi devices instead of passwords. I tried at one time to add a wi fi booster but it did not work with mac restrictions. Any suggestion as how to do it or which wifi booster will work
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    Pwer on password not working

    Just purchased an HP probook laptop with 256GB SSD Was using power on password. Suddenly I see a message BIOS upgrade in process do not turn off computer. After it finished, my password no longer works. It is a 4 digit pin I used for many years other things so I cannot forget it. I cannot power...
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    Who is stealing your wi-fi

    I noticed my modem and router lights are busy all the time. Somebody is using my wi-if without my authorization. But is that possible since I do not have a password ? You need a password to get in. Well I do not use password but my system is locked to all wi-fi So how does my wi-if devices...
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    Backblaze Online Backup for windows10

    Backblaze online was rated very good but FREE online backup service like ZOOLZ is much more better with 100gb free service. Zoolz has a great user interface and backups all devices connected to your computer. Backblaze has an extremely poor user interface especially in selecting or de-selecting...
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    Windows 1809 upgrade - transferable ?

    I have windows 1809 upgrade on an extremely slow internet. I want to use it on two computers instead of downloading it 2 times which takes forever at 1.5mb speed internet Where or how do I locate the downloaded version ?
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    No Default Mail Client for paperport

    PaperPort pro 14.5 stop working with a message that there is no mail client found. I tried many fixes but nothing seems to work. I have also repaired office I am using gmail, msn and yahoo. My default mail client is outlook 2016 Outlook is x64 Paperport is x86