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    Windows 7 black screen & cursor on boot

    I had the same problem caused by system restore. Be patient, you may be get a better solution from someone else. But what I did is I just totally restore my computer's image backup file.
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    beta to RC

    You can do an upgrade but better to do a clean install.
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Release Candidate Expected In February February

    Is that true? It is found from Windows 7 Forums. Link Removed - Invalid URL We reported yesterday that Microsoft was already working on release candidate builds of the windows 7 operating system. Our assumption at that time was that the Windows 7 Release Candidate would be released in...
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    Lost Partition

    Boot to Windows 7 and right click "Computer" and click "Manage". Select "Disk management" on the left and you should see the missing drive in there. Right click on your XP partition and simply give the drive a letter and it should fix your problem.
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    Win 7 Task bar = counter productivity

    When I read this article posted by zain7478, I was thinking to replay him some possibilities to use the task bar like vista. But below I see a very satisfying replay posted by HP Deskjet. HP you replied him very well.
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    Gadgets not loading? Read this.

    Today I found an article concerning Gadgets and UAC On windows 7 news site. By making a little modification inside the registry there is a possibility to run gadgets even if UAC is disabled. I copy and paste you the whole article below. "The Windows 7 Sidebar and Gadgets do not work...
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    Windows 7 Beta available

    Is it available in x64 bit?