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  1. Gew

    Introduce Yourself.

    Heh, we're growing by the number each day. I'm loving it, almost as much as I love Windows.
  2. Gew

    VIDEO Windows 11 has CRAZY CPU Requirements

    That's really insane. I thought W11 was just W10 with a theme on top.
  3. Gew

    Introduce Yourself.

    A late but cumbersome welcome, Victor! [emoji112] Hope you've found your seat. Also, hope your summer rocks! [emoji817][emoji3508]
  4. Gew

    VIDEO The Secret Windows "Super Admin" Account

    Heh, good to know, for those who didn't! [emoji57]
  5. Gew

    Introducing Windows 10 S

    So basically, S will be superior all other versions? I'm currently running Enterprise, which I'm kind of pleased with!
  6. Gew

    block specific dhcp server ip in windows 10

    Thanks for your response @nemobeer! Unfortunately, I don't control the network or the switch. In fact, it's (sort of) my ISP's RJ45 jack in my home environment. More precise, they currently suffer an issue with a rogue DHCPd (200 customers affected) so i thought I'd try and make a temporary fix...
  7. Gew

    block specific dhcp server ip in windows 10

    Any one who could describe this a bit more precise? I'm in an environment where a rogue DHCPd is handing out wrong IPs to my machine, so I want to block it so that the client(s) can get a hold of the real DHCPd instead. However, I don't know the IP of the DHCPd. So, how can I even achieve this...
  8. Gew

    Introduce Yourself.

    Welcome Elwood! Please tell us more about your BSoD!
  9. Gew

    All M.2 SSDs Sequentially at 100% after boot

    Nice thing you had it resolved! [emoji120]
  10. Gew

    Windows 2000 Pro, still a usable OS after all these years.

    Heh, I'm probably the last 2K user on the planet. Well, I've read that some people use it at work for some old basement computer running ancient software, but me, I'm running it at home! The reason is mainly that many old games run really smooth, and I don't care about DOSbox, FreeDOS, or...
  11. Gew

    Introduce Yourself.

    Hi guys! I'm new here, too. I've seriously been using Windoze for ages now! xD